Our actions are driven by our feelings.

Actions are the things we do or don’t do.

Reactions are also an action.

Our actions/ in-action/re-action are directly related to how we feel.

Many people think that their thoughts are what drive their actions.

Yet another misconception.

It is easy to see how this happens, many of us really want to avoid our feelings.

If we are feeling bored, one of our actions could be to go find something to snack on.

Did you know you could just sit there and be bored? Yep. Nothing bad will happen if you just sit with boredom.

For many people when they are mad, they yell. Can you imagine just sitting in your chair feeing mad and not doing anything? Totally possible.

Being aware of what you are thinking, what emotion you are feeling, and noticing how you act upon those feelings is kinda life changing.

The Think-Feel-Act cycle is always at play.

Once you see it in your own life, you will really see it play out in other peoples lives. 

So fascinating.

If you want to take different actions in your life, you do not need to change your circumstances. 

You need to change how you feel.

Do you remember from yesterday’s post how you do that??

YES! You got it.

You change your Thought….

And the circumstance gets to stay the same.

What kind of actions do you want to change?

Overeating? Overdrinking? Overspending? Gossiping?

This is all in your control. Nothing outside of you has to change for you to take different actions.

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Xo. Valerie