All EMS Women
We all what to feel appreciated in our jobs.
Let’s think about appreciation a bit different today…just for one day, then you can go back to the way you previously thought about it.
For today only….STOP outsourcing appreciation. As in, stop expecting others to tell you how great, valuable, smart, needed, and your overall amazingness at being a professional paramedic!
If you want to feel appreciation, you actually need to believe that you are all those things ☝🏻.
I can tell you all day that you are amazing and I think you are really smart and great at IV’s, but, if you don’t believe me…you won’t feel appreciated. 🤯🤯
You have two…yes, two assignments.
1. Believe in yourself.
2. Appreciate others. Tell other people (your co-workers) why you specifically appreciate them.
Don’t say “I appreciate you”…WTF does that even mean?? Tell them why. What is it about them that you appreciate??
Here are some examples of things you could say….
Jenny, I appreciate your sense of humor and hard work.
Kari, I appreciate your enthuasiam.
Kim, I appreicate your attention to detail.
Dave, I appreciate your calmness in the chaos.
The more detailed appreciation we put out in the world, the more that will come back to us!!
Make it a great weekend!!
💜 Valerie
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