Weight Loss Belief Scale

Do you believe you can reach your goal weight?  

Really go there for a moment…is it really possible?  For you?  Not just “other” people.

One of my teachers recently had a Podcast series on Belief (in business), I kept thinking about how it related to my weight loss clients.  She talked about the three stages of Belief.

  1. Impossibility
  2. Possibility
  3. Inevitability

What stage of belief are you in about regarding that weight loss goal?

Nearly all my clients start in impossibility, after our first few sessions they are firmly in the possibility of the goal.  Inevitability takes time, and that is where they stay until the goal is reached.

  • IMPOSSIBILITY: When we live in impossibility, we believe that we can’t ever be successful at weight loss because of all the times we have failed in the past.  We believe there is no possible way to lose weight that we haven’t tried yet.  We use excuses like our job, hectic schedules, family life and other commitments to not even try something new.  We blame other people for our weight gain.  “If they wouldn’t….I could..”.  “he doesn’t……”.  This stage of belief feels hopeless and exhausting.


  • POSSIBILITY: Is like seeing that faint glimmer of light in the fog.  The light gets brighter and brighter as the fog is lifted.  I remember feeling this when I read the book “If I’m so smart, why can’t I lose weight” and thought “YES. This. This is what I have been missing in all my past attempts to lose weight”.  I hope you felt that way when you discovered me.  I get you.  I have been exactly where you are. What I say and how I say it makes total sense to you.  You want to learn more.  This stage can feel energetic and exciting.  Maybe, for the first time ever, you really believe that your goal weight is really possible.


  • INEVITABILITY: is where you believe, with out a doubt that your goal is as good as done.  This feels fun and amazing. Where all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place and you start losing weight.  This is the stage where you really start to see what else could be possible for your life. 


Now, being more aware of where you currently are in your belief, my next questions is….where do you WANT to be?

Helping people move though these stages as their coach gives me such joy. 

If you are ready to move from impossibility to inevitability I’m here to help you do that.  Click the button below to send me a direct message with your questions.  I’m happy to answer them!

Have a great weekend!

xo.  Valerie

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