This topic has been popping up all week.

The weather has not been great for flying.  

Our industry has downtime.  Sometimes due to poor weather, or just the nature of the job.

It seems like we have two modes: Busy. Not Busy.

Once all of the daily duties are done and we are caught up with education and all those emails, we have downtime.

What are you doing with your downtime…..

Do you spend that time on your phone trolling social media?

Play games on the computer or your phone?

Sit in the recliner watching the NCIS marathon on TV?

Read a book, magazine, paper (do people still get those?)?

Or do you eat?  Grab just a little snack? 

Why don’t you just sit there and be bored?

We live in a culture that thrives on instant gratification.

We can pick up our phone and instantly be entertained.

We think that being bored means that we are boring.

We find the feeling of boredom so intolerable, we will do anything to avoid it.

The biggest reason we want to avoid boredom is because we have to sit with our own thoughts.

Many of those thoughts make us feel terrible.  We ruminate or thought loop on a few thoughts all the time.

“Why can’t I lose weight. I can’t control my eating. How did I get like this. Why is it so hard to lose weight.  I shouldn’t have ate that. I’m stuck.”

What do we do when we feel bored?  We buffer.

Buffering is when we want dull an emotion we are feeling.  

We most often buffer with False Pleasures.  

False Pleasure are concentrated forms of natural pleasure.  Just like sugar and flour are concentrated versions of the sugar beet (or cane) and wheat berry.

Our brains are flooded with the neurotransmitter Dopamine from False Pleasures.  

Natural pleasures give us a small “hit” of Dopamine that pales in comparison to the False kind.

Can you see how you have been buffering from boredom?

One of the common causes of weight gain in EMS is due to boredom.

We eat when we are bored.  We use food as a distraction from our negative emotions.

We try to use food to make us feel better.  

We will give ourselves that huge hit of dopamine with a cookies, chips, ice cream, or some other snack and that feels really good in the moment.

What is the result we get?  Net negative consequences like weight gain.

If you are wanting to lose weight, I recommend to everyone that they stop snacking.

I never used to consider myself and emotional eater or a snacker.  Turns out, I was. 

When I started my weight loss journey, it become very clear that I would do whatever it took to avoid boredom.

Sitting with my own thoughts was so painful, I would do things that had negative consequences.  Like snacking at work, which would cause weight gain. Having a few beers at  home after the kids went to bed, this one really disrupted my hormones and caused weight gain.

Now, I love being bored.  I intentionally set time to be bored.  I use this time to look at my thoughts.  To question them and decide if I want to continue to think them.

When we allow boredom, we can enter a sate neuroscientist call Autobiographical Planning.

This is where we can look at our life in the big picture sense and decide how we want to live our future.  We can see and figure out our big goals and consider how to get there.

If you are always buffering from boredom, you won’t be able to access this part of your brain.  You will just stay right where you are at.

The next time you find yourself bored at work, see if you can just sit with it for 5-10 min.

See what thoughts are coming up for you.  How are you feeling?

If you want to be an over achiever (and I’m pretty sure you do) grab a notepad and write these thoughts down.  See if you can name the feelings you are having.  Can you feel the urge to go buffer?  What do you want to do to make these feelings go away…check your phone, look at Facebook, check your email, turn on the TV?  What are the net negative consequence you have gotten in the past from buffering?

If you want to take this information to the next level, let me help you.

We can get on the phone and I can show you how working with me can change your life.  It’s free and super easy to do.