Wednesday Well-Being

Well-Being Wednesday + Nutrition

Nutrition….not just a class you fail in college. Wait? Was that just me? I thought the class was boring.  As a freshman who had never thought about nutrition a day in her life, it’s no wonder this was not my favorite class. Thankfully I re-took the class my junior year and I’m happy to report I passed. This was the beginning of my long and complicated relationship with nutrition, my mind and body. 

Fun fact: March is Nutrition awareness Month. 

What is your goal when it comes to your nutrition? 

Do you want to up your calcium, iron, fiber, protein?

Maybe you’re looking to eat less sugar and/or drink less caffeine?

Whatever your nutrition goal is, you gotta get specific. Now would be a great time to grab a pen and paper. Let’s get to work,

Just saying you “want to eat better” is not good enough. What does that even mean? Why do you want to eat better? What’s the end goal? Better lab values? Less bloating? What’s the RESULT you want?

🖊️ Write your specific goal down…yes, on the paper 

Now that you got the goal in mind, what or who will get in your way of reaching that goal? Job, kids, spouse, animals, schedule? We all have obstacles that get in our way.

🖊️ Write down the obstacles you’ll face achieving your goal

Anticipate the struggle. It’s ok and totally normal. Obstacles don’t mean stop. They mean make adjustments and keep going. 

Make a plan ahead of time how you will overcome the inevitable road blocks. Don’t skip this step. Get creative. BTW, there are no “I don’t know”’s here. If you did know….what would or could you do?  

🖊️ Write down a plan for each of those obstacles you listed

Now that you know what/who will potentially be getting in the way, what are YOU going to do to mitigate it?

Listen, this sh!t is important. We gotta put in the work. This is the work.

🖊️ Write down at least 5 things that you will do to reach your goal

I know you. You’re gonna want to execute these things “perfectly”.

It’s not gonna happen. Here’s the good news though…You don’t have to do it perfectly. Perfection is a lie and impossible. Stop striving for perfection.

 “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”. 

So many of us quit ahead of time because we know we won’t be able to “eat perfectly” this week. Ok, you ate a chocolate bar from Finland for lunch instead of the egg bites. And, by “you” I mean me. I’m the one who ate the chocolate from Finland (f*ck it was so good). Who cares. Move on. Make the NEXT best decision. 

Could you imagine if you just stop doing IV’s on patients because you missed a few? How silly. It’s the same thing with our goals. It’s ok if you “mess” up. How human of you. 

Stop quitting and giving up on yourself and your goals. You are worthy of achieving these goals.   

We are on the home stretch here…..just one more step!

Take a real hard look at those things you just wrote down. Yes, you have to write them down.Trust.The.Process.

🖊️ Write down the obstacles to all those actions you want to take to reach your goal

You KNOW shit is going to come up and get in the way of you taking action toward your goal. Plan for it. Anticipate it. Be ready for it. Then you be able to handle it like the baddie that you are. 

Writing all this out will help your brain in those difficult times. Your future self will thank you past self for figuring all this stuff out ahead of time. 

I know we all want the quick fix. The quick “How to”. Make time to do this work if you are really wanting to reach your goal (nutrition or not).

Your health and well-being are important.

Here’s my example:

🖊️ Write your specific goal down…yes, on the paper

Lower my “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides (with out medication)

🖊️ Write down the obstacles you’ll face achieving your goal

Eating out and being social. Overeating. People bringing or having treats at work and not saying “no thank you”. Emotional eating/cravings. 

🖊️ Write down a plan for each of those obstacles you listed

I can find out where we are going and plan my food ahead of time. I can eat before I go out. Eat only half of my meals. Remind myself that No Thank you is an option. Recognize how I’m feeling before I eat to numb my emotions. 

🖊️ Write down at least 5 things that you will do to reach your goal

  1. Avoid all coconut oil, MCT, and XCT oils
  2. Reduce about of sweet treats I’m eating daily
  3. Add more cardio to my weekly workouts
  4. Limit the heavy cream I put in my daily coffee
  5. Make an extra effort to increase my raw veg intake
  6. Work on losing .5 pound per week for the next 52 weeks

🖊️ Write down the obstacles to all those actions you want to take to reach your goal and plan how you can overcome them when it comes up.

  • Look at ingredients of non dairy coffee creamers 
  • Stop buying sweets 
  • Set a goal to go for an intentional walk every day, even just once around the block 
  • Use a measuring spoon for coffee cream 
  • Prep veggies ahead of time 
  • Weight myself once per week and track it

The beauty of doing this work, is that my brain has something to focus on. Our brain loves to solve problems. 

I’m here to help you. You can post your goal and plans in the comments, or send it to me in a DM. I’d love to know what you’re working on.

Setting and achieving goals feels amazing. 

Get to it girl. I’m cheering you on.


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Be your own Heroine

Nora Ephron Quote
Many of us grew up watching princess movies. The titles are different, but a lot of the messaging is the same…a man will come and save you. Your very own hero. He will sweep you off your feet and get you out of this sad life you are living.
As we grow up, no one comes to save us.
We start our careers in EMS. This job is hard. It can takes a toll on us. Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally. We are surrounded by heros, yet no one is saving us.
Our employer, co-workers, significant other, friends, and families cannot save us.
Only YOU can save yourself. This is harsh. I know. But it’s true.
Only you know what’s best for you.
Only you can take the actions necessary for change. No one can do that for you.
Stop looking for a hero, and listen to your inner heroine. She knows what is best.
BTW, I’m not saying this is easy. It’s hard AF.
My life completely changed when I decided to stop being the victim of my own story. I had to save myself.
You are allowed to change from victim to heroine.
You can do this.
If you are a Women in EMS, we’d love for you to join our private “All EMS Women” FB group!
Inside the group, we are there to support you and cheer you on as you make changes in your life.
💜 Valerie

Being Interviewed

Valerie wearing blue helmet

I have had the absolute honour to be a guest on three podcast recently. 

I’m so grateful to Steve Cohen of Medic2Medic Podcast. He was so great to work with. He has given me a lot of advice on hosting a podcast and I really appreciate that. 

I met Steve a few years ago via FB for his Travel company. He helped us plan our first trip to Disney and Universal! I loved the “insider” tips and must sees! 

Check out his biz page on FB


He truly is the Mouse Expert!

Click on the photos of the podcast to go to Apple Podcasts and have a listen


Thank you so much to Eric Chase from EMS Improv for the great opportunity to speak to your audience about a topic I’m very passionate about. It felt like we have been friends for years! I admire his passion for wanting to improve our industry by bringing joy through humor. 

Check him out on social media:

Speak up: Harassment

speak up
This is your daily reminder you need to speak up and out about harassment, bullying, and discrimination at work…..even if you feel scared, nervous, anxious or angry.
You also need a little bit of courage.  
YOU have the RIGHT to show up at work and NOT be harassed.
Retaliation* is against the law.
You are not alone.
You don’t deserve this.
It is not your fault.
We, as Women in EMS need to support each other, NMW.
If you have questions**…check out the EEOC website. Find your employee handbook/policies/guidelines on harassment, bullying, discrimination, and retaliation. Print it, highlight it. 
Report your concerns to your supervisor, manager, and Human Resources. Maybe even consult an attorney.
No one is UNTOUCHABLE (pun intended) from reporting.  Even if it’s the boss who is hitting on you. Or the dude that picks up all the OT shifts. 
Speak up to your co-workers about inappropriate behaviour.   If they wouldn’t say that comment/joke in front of their mother, wife, girlfriend, or 15 year old daughter….don’t say it. Just don’t.  
*Not all retaliation illegal. But, a lot is.
**This is not in any way, shape, or form of legal advice. These are my own opinions, not that of my employer.
Be safe out there.
PS…if you are a Women in EMS, we would LOVE for you to join us in our private, female only FB group. Click the button below, and answer the membership questions to get accepted.
PPS. I do ask for your email address. Why? Well, I have been kicked off social for having strong opinions and social media could disappear one day and I have a lot of amazing things planned for us ladies and you won’t want to miss it…so, yeah, I’d like your email! I’m a good steward of it and you can unsub any time and there will be no hard feelings. Cool?? Thanks!! 

Negativity in EMS

Negativity and cynicism in EMS.

It used to be the salty old medics or the parasauras’s that were so negative and cynical. Now…it’s infiltrated the next generation. I see it everyday on social and at work. 

Sitting around with co-workers and collectively complaining feels good in the moment thanks to Dopamine and frankly, it’s super easy to do. We feel like we belong. We are biologically wired to want to be part of the “heard”. If we are the outcast, it means death. 

Negativity is hard wired into our primitive brain. Our brains are constantly scanning for danger, and recalling negative events from the past in an effort to protect us. This can be useful, especially in medicine. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to keep it out of our everyday life.

Be aware of the negativity bias. This is when our brain fills in missing information about the story or situation with negativity. We all have this, but we are also capable of re-directing it. It’s ok if we don’t know the whole story. 

Cynicism is part of a defensive posture we use to protect ourselves from being hurt. When we allow this to fester, it skews our outlook. Cynics distrust everything new they see and hear, they are intolerant of new ideas, and they are pessimistic about everything.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect at this either. But, I did have a major shift in my attitude about 5 years ago and it has made all the difference in the world!

Why do I want to talk about this? Why does it really matter? I mean, there are probably more important things to work on right now? Right?? 

Wrong. It is very important to talk about this because negativity, cynicism, and complaining erode your well being. YOUR WELL BEING.  

Your well being is UP TO YOU. Yes, you. 

Here’s the problem with all the negativity, complaining and cynicism. It makes you feel like ass. Your brain does not like feeling like this. Our primitive brains are driven to avoid pain….even emotional pain. Irritation. Frustration. Anger. Disappointment. Judgement. Fear. All feel like pain. 

Your brain will then do what brains do and find a way to feel better. 

What’s the quickest, most efficient way to feel better??  False pleasure, which is highly concentrate natural pleasure. Whats the difference between the two? False pleasure has net negative consequences. We get way bigger hits of Dopamine with false pleasures.

Here are examples of false pleasures:

  • Snacks. All packaged foods, including beverages. If it’s mostly sugar and flour, it’s a false pleasure food. 
  • Alcohol
  • Social Media
  • Netflix
  • Gaming & gambling
  • Porn

What are the net negative consequences?

Weight gain. Dependance. Addiction. Loneliness. Depression. Divorce. Disconnection. Financial problems. And, a whole host of medical problems including inflammation, hormone disruption, hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes to name a few.

The more we feel like shit, the more complaining we do, and the more negative we become. This is the negative loop we get stuck in, which feels impossible to get out of!!

What is the solution?  How do you stop this negative spin cycle??

  1. Awareness. Are you the negative Nancy, pessimistic Patty? Cynical Cindy of your base?  It’s ok if you are. This does not mean you are a bad person. It’s your brain doing what brains do.  Start paying attention and noting when you are being negative, complaining, or cynical. See if in that moment you can admit that to yourself.  A great question to ask yourself is “is this they type of person I want to be?” “Is this how I want to show up?”
  2. Reframing your ANTS…..automatic negative thoughts. With curiously and non-judgement…..Ask yourself “what else could be going on?” “What is a different way to look at this situation” “What else could be true?”.  Example: You give report to the receiving RN and they are super short and snarky. You then complain the whole way back to base about how rude the nurse was, you take it personally.  Instead, be curious. I wonder why they were do short and snarky with me? I know the ER was slammed, maybe they were feeling rushed and I was being really long winded. Maybe this is their third patient in an hour. Maybe they didn’t get a break yet and are very hungry. I wonder if I did something rude? I guess I did snap at them when they said something about the “ride” over here….
  3. EAT…Equal Air Time. I love this concept and I find it very useful in my everyday life. This is intentional thinking and observation. This will take time to develop. If you are going to spend time on the negative, you have to spend just as much time on the positive. Now, this not gonna be easy and might not go over well with your co-workers…especially if you are talking about leadership.  Start with the easy stuff. Hey, nice job on that IV, it looked like it was a tough one. Great job on your report. Giving compliments is an easy way to do this. Whether we give them to others, or ourselves. A compliment a day keeps the negativity at bay!!  You can find the good and the positive in the world if you intentionally look for it. 

When you start to practice these things, you will notice a slight shift. Keep going. Eventually it will get much easier. You’ll notice the negativity much more in the people around you. Don’t try to change them (unless they ask you to), be the example to them. 

If you have questions, send me a DM. 

xo. Valerie

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Sleep Mindset


How we think about sleep will determine how much sleep we get.

Whoa!!  That’s a pretty big claim, but trust me on this.

If you want to improve your sleep, you have to start with improving our off duty sleeping.  If you want to improve your off duty sleeping, you have to first tackle your sleep mindset.

What are your thoughts about sleep?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  • I don’t have time to sleep
  • There is too much going on for me to sleep today
  • Sleep is a luxury
  • Sleep is not a thing when you work this (EMS) job
  • I’m not going to pay a babysitter to watch my kids while I sleep
  • I have to _______
  • No such thing as sleep with a baby/toddler/tween/teen/young adult
  • I’m a light sleeper
  • I can’t sleep during the day
  • I can’t sleep b/c my spouse snores

Thoughts like those will prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Thoughts are very powerful obstacles!

Most of the above mentioned thoughts are just lies you tell yourself….and you just believe them to be true because you have never stopped to question the thought(s). You may even want to argue with me, that, no…it’s true…I don’t have time to sleep.

When I was really in the heart of my sleep struggles, I had sought out sleep advice from many different experts. None of which improved my sleep until I had a Life Coach explain to me how  my Thoughts create my Feelings, my Feeling will drive my Actions, and the actions I take will produce Results in my life.


CTFAR thought Model

I know that I don’t need to tell you how important sleep is.  Our bodies and minds need sleep to function at our highest ability.

If you have been in EMS for any amount of time, you have likely responded to a crash where someone had fallen asleep.

Lack of sleep has very negative effects on our cognitive abilities and affects our physical body as well.

If you are wanting to lose weight, you will have to get your off duty sleep dialed in!

Why is it that we know how important sleeps is yet we STILL DON’T do what needs to be done to get enough of it??

Because of how we Think about sleep.  Sleep mindset.

How we think is directly related to the life we live. Our thoughts will create our results.  If you think shitty thoughts about sleeping…guess what? You’re gonna have shitty sleep. These are not just semantics.  The words that come out of our mouths or the thoughts that stay in your head matter.

Our brains are always scanning for problems. When it finds a problem, it loves to focus on the problem. It feels important to focus on the problem.

When we focus on the problem, we stay IN the problem!! 

When we are IN the problem, we cannot FIND the SOLUTION.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

We have to learn to intentionally focus our brain on the solutions. If thoughts can be obstacles, they can also be the solution.

Focus thinking on how important your sleep is.

  • My body needs to rest and rejuvenate
  • Sleep is my number one fat burner
  • Sleep will help me feel better
  • I deserve to get quality sleep
  • I am at my best when I get adequate sleep
  • Sleep in not a luxury, it is a necessity
  • I choose to sleep now so that I may have a longer life
  • I am a good sleeper
  • I love to sleep
  • Sleep is a priority

When we re-direct our focus to the solution, we will create much different results in our life.  Our brains are good problem solvers, but only when we direct its focus.  My guess is, you have not spent a ton of time on your mindset of sleep. It’s no wonder it hasn’t improved yet.

I have tons and tons of tips and strategies on how to get better sleep, but if we don’t start from the top (brain) down, it won’t be a long term solution.

Does this really matter? Yes. It matters big time.

People want to argue with me that those obstacle thoughts are “true”.  Ok. Maybe. Maybe not.  My question is, why would you want to think them? They don’t serve you. They keep you where you are…stuck and not getting the sleep you need.

We have created the habit of always thinking about, and focusing on the negative, or the problem. It’s what feels most comfortable and familiar. But you don’t HAVE to.

Let’s put this into action. 

Grab the Free PDF Download (click the button at the end of the post) I created for you to write out your thoughts about sleep.  Dump all the thoughts out you have about sleep on these pages.  Don’t edit yourself. It does not have to read like a story, just rando sentences in your head about sleep.

Next spend some time coming up with thoughts you’d like to focus on that will improve your sleep mindset (similar to the examples I provided above!).

After setting the foundation for your sleep mindset, it will be much easier to improve sleep hygiene, and develop a pre-sleep routine!

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Think well my friend.

xo.  Valerie

How to live Well in EMS


I’m going to dive deep into Well Being and Wellness this week. Today, I’ll show you one way you can start living Well today.

What does Well Being mean?  According to the dictionary it means to be happy, healthy, or prosperous.  I don’t love that definition.  

Wellness is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.  Again, not a big fan.

Happiness, and health don’t just happen magically.  They both require work. You can be happy and not well.  The two really are not related.  Wellness does not equal happiness.

But, what is this “Wellness” or state of “Well Being” that many of us are after and how do we get there?

For me, I’m looking to feel well in my body. Less aches and pains. Rested. Energized. Clear headed. Movement with ease. Less stress and overwhelm. Lab results in “normal” limits. Weight with in a range according to my height and age.

We don’t ever arrive at this “perfect” state either.  It will always be a work in progress.  There is no Wellness destination.  It is…and I cringe saying this…a “lifestyle”.  

Living a life of Wellness means you are actively living your life to be well.  In order to do that, you have to make a lot of decisions. Not all those decisions will feel fun and pleasurable either.  That is part of the deal.  

  • Why do we expect to feel well when we don’t eat well?  
  • Why do we expect to feel strong when we don’t actively work at getting stronger?  
  • Why do we expect to feel rested when we don’t actively work on improving our quantity and quality of sleep?

Because we want a well body to be easy and effortless. We receive messages all the time via media that suggests that it is.  

The real question is why don’t we do what what needs to be done to be well?

Your limbic brain. It’s default it to choose pleasure over pain. Comfort over discomfort. Habits over new desired habits.

Our limbic brain, or the Primitive Brain is our “auto pilot” brain. This the brain the drives most of us. Its goal is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and be efficient.  It can only think about the current moment. It wants the instant gratification right now.

The Pre Frontal Cortex is the part of our brain that can think about our future. It’s the planner. The cognitive thinker.  It is capable of delaying instant gratification for long term satisfaction.

If we are seeking to live a well life, we need to be living that life with our pre frontal cortex…NOT the primitive brain.

We have to stop expecting ourselves to make the best decision on auto pilot.  It’s not gonna happen. 

Your primitive brain will never just choose not to eat cookies.  It will always want the cookies. They will give us pleasure.

Living a life striving to be well, means we have to live intentionally.  Not on default.

We have to plan what we will eat ahead of time with our pre frontal cortex, not our primitive brain.

We have to schedule our workouts and do it, even when we don’t feel like doing it.

Remind yourself in those times of “not wanting to”, or “not feeling like it”, that you made that decision with your intention in mind. Don’t let your primitive brain run your life.  It just wants to sit on the couch, watch Netflix and eat snacks all day.

Tough love coming in hot….stop blaming your EMS life for your lack of Wellness.  

This was a huge struggle for me.  I was convinced that if I didn’t work in EMS, my health would be so much better.  I would not have gained so much weight.  It’s totally not true.  I have my same brain. No matter where I work.  Does our EMS life add a layer of complexity? Yes. But, it’s totally doable. It just requires more pre frontal planning. 

You can do this.  Despite your work schedule. You CAN be well and work EMS.

Wellness comes from intention and action.

xo.  Valerie

Stress in EMS part 1

Stress.  It’s all around us.  Those that work in EMS know this all too well.

Even though we experience a tremendous amount of stress, and I’m not just talking about the “easy” part, which in my opinion is taking care of the patient, but all the parts that make up our job…this all causes us stress.

Despite this stress, we keep showing up to work. We are high functioning people. 

But, I have a sneaking suspicion that how you are actually dealing with, or managing your stress is contributing to more stress.

I’m pretty familiar with this way of dealing with the stress for myself, and I get to see how my husband who is also a full time flight paramedic deals with it.

And, I see it all over social media.  We have been taught how to deal with our stress by watching others, and advertising.

After a hard day at work, I bet you have the thought “I could really use a drink”, or “I just need a snack to take the edge off”. 

Most of us deal with stress by drinking alcohol, eating snacks or comfort food, binge watching TV, gaming, social media, online shopping, or watching porn.

You might think, “What’s the big deal”, or “It works for me”.  This is a lie your brain in telling you so you’ll keep engaging in these false pleasures.  False pleasure have net negative consequences on the other side.  Weight gain, addiction, dependance, avoidance, distraction, and added stress.

This added stress disrupts our sleep, our emotional bandwidth, thoughts about ourselves, creates unbalanced hormones, lack of energy and so on.

But my friend, it’s not your fault.  It’s a sign that your brain is working perfectly.  Your brain (the primitive brain to be exact) is just trying to help you.  It wants you to survive. It drives you to seek pleasure at any cost to get away from the negative feelings (stress, overwhelm, fear).  All of the false pleasures do this very quickly. 

The primitive brain can’t see past the current moment it is in.  Most of us are living from our primitive brain.  We are reactionary (ah, hello…EMS! Totally reactionary medicine).  We do what we want in the moment and don’t think about the consequences on the other side.

There is a solution.  It takes practice and patience.

Awareness is a big part.  Learning techniques to process and work through the stress.  Recognize when we are using false pleasure and learn to question ourselves in those moments.

I’d love to hear from you.  Send me a DM or email.

Have a great week!!

xo.  Valerie

Weigh in

quarterly weigh in got you down?
I’m right there with ya man.⁠
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In the Workshop, you will lean the three reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight, 12 tools to create a protocol, and strategies to overcome your biggest obstacles.⁠
If you start now, by your next weigh in you’ll be down at least one size in your flight suit.⁠
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What should I eat?

What should I eat?
There’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to what we “should” or “shouldn’t” be eating.⁠
The question I hear the most is “What should I eat?” ⁠
My follow up questions is “What do you want to do?” ⁠
✅ Lose Weight⁠
✅ Burn Fat⁠
✅ Gain Muscle⁠
✅ Reduce Inflammation⁠
✅ Balance Hormones⁠
✅ Eliminate Cravings⁠
The food you put in your body will directly influence your results.⁠
The answer is complex and different for each person.⁠
This is what inspired me to create a workshop that will answer this question.⁠
The Protocol Creation Workshop will help you create a way of eating with tools, not rules.⁠
But first, you need to know WHY you haven’t been able to permanently lose weight in the past….this is the science of weight loss. Neurobiology, Biology, and Psychology to be exact. You need this information to create a protocol that will get you the results you’re looking for. ⁠
Next, you need tools to create a protocol that works for you. Not someone else’s rules. When you create your protocol, you are more likely to follow it. I’ll teach you 12 tools to create a protocol that you’ll actually WANT to follow and fits in your life.⁠
Finally, we need to address what keeps getting in your way. These are obstacles, and we need to identify them so that we can come up with strategies to overcome them. This piece is VITAL to your permanent weight loss.⁠
This “Protocol Creation Workshop” is going to be a game changer for you. These are lifetime tools, not gimmicks or fads. ⁠
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Feeling Less

Feeling Less vs Feeling better

Listen up EMS….your goal should not be to feel less stress.⁠

You are going to feel that way because of the jobs we do. ⁠

The goal is to learn how to process your stress in a way that does not create MORE stress.⁠

We try to feel less stress by distracting ourselves from it. Eating, drinking, shopping, TV watching, gambling, porn…this does not make you feel less stress. ⁠

The problem is that in the moments we are distracting ourselves from the stress, we feel good thanks to thinking about the food/ETOH, etc and the dopamine hit we get from doing those things. ⁠

Your feeling of stress will wait for you. It always does. Now, you’ve just compounded your stress. And, you feel worse. ⁠

Look, I’ve been there, hell, I still go there. I get it. It still is not the solution to the stress.⁠

Just being aware that this is going on is super helpful. Pay attention.⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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You can do it

We can do it

I love being a female paramedic.⁠

I decided 20+ years ago that THIS would be my career.⁠

What I wish I had back then was SUPPORT from the other females, family, friends, and co-workers.⁠

People were constantly telling me why I shouldn’t do this, that this job is not for women, I would never be able to be a mom AND still work my crazy hours, that the job would destroy me both mentally and physically.⁠

I can’t image what my career would look like if I’d heard the opposite.⁠

Has this job been hard at times? Hell yes it has. Has it nearly broken me? Yep. But, I am not fragile. I can do hard things.⁠

I created a FB group that is just for Women in EMS, where women go to get encouraged, supported, and told “Yes, you CAN do this”. It’s the most beautiful thing.⁠

On the anniversary of 9/11/2001 I asked the ladies to share their memories from that day, and it was EMOTIONAL to read them all. We have ladies that were babies….yes babies when it happened, and many ladies who had family members at Ground Zero and some that were there themselves. To have a group where the women felt safe to share and be so vulnerable was such a gift to us all.⁠

My hope is that ALL EMS WOMEN will be in this group.

It’s gonna be fun to see what we can accomplish. ⁠

Love you ladies. See you inside.⁠

xox. Valerie⁠

Come join my communities!  

If you are a WOMEN in EMS, click HERE to join the ALL EMS WOMEN private FB Page!

Open to both Women and Men in EMS is my EMS Weight Loss & Well Being private FB Page.  To join, click HERE.

I can’t sleep

When you can't sleep

I’m not talking about when you’re at work and can’t sleep. ⁠

I’m talking about when you are at home, in your own bed, and you j u s t. C a n ‘ t. S l e e p! 🤬⁠

You toss and turn. You try all the things to get the F*ck to sleep and nothing works. ⁠

Finally morning arrives, and it feels like you’ve been hit by a bus. Eyes puffy from lack of sleep. You are dragging. No amount of coffee can help. All you talk about all day is how you didn’t get any sleep. You’re so tired. You’re exhausted. You need a nap. You eat a bunch of crap food to try and wake up. You can’t do anything because you are so tired. On and on.⁠

This was me for years. I mean decades. I told myself this is why I was in EMS. I can’t sleep most nights, so I might as well be up taking care of sick people! ⁠

I learned a ton about sleep and changed many of my habits. But, every once in a while, I will have a night where despite my good sleep hygiene and pre-sleep routine, I just can’t sleep.⁠

So what do you do after a sleepless night?⁠

You need a mindset upgrade. ⁠

Stop telling everyone how tired you are. No one cares. Sorry, not sorry.⁠

Stop living in the problem, it’s just going to make you more tired! 🤯⁠

Think some thoughts that will create energy instead of depleting it.⁠

Here are some of the ones I use…⁠

I have all the energy I need to get this done.⁠
I create energy with my thoughts.⁠
I can be tired AND make lunch.⁠
I can be tired AND take the dog for a walk.⁠
I can take a nap if I want to.⁠
I can listen to my body and make good choices.⁠

Was I tired all day? Yeppers. Did I do less than I normally do? Sure did. Did I beat the crap out of myself for having a slow day? Nope.⁠

Hope you sleep well tonight my friends!⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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If you are a WOMEN in EMS, click HERE to join the ALL EMS WOMEN private FB Page!

Open to both Women and Men in EMS is my EMS Weight Loss & Well Being private FB Page.  To join, click HERE.


val in safety vest
Who know’s that 10 code? ⁠
I know 10-22 as cancel. Some of the best words we can hear on the job….you can cancel! ⁠
In other words, you don’t need to respond.⁠
This is also an option in other areas of your life! ⁠
You actually don’t have to respond to emails, text messages, comments on social or IRL.⁠
I learned a new tool the other day, and I’m putting a spin on it…meet the 10-22 habit. The learned and practiced habit of NOT RESPONDING.⁠
Not everything in this world needs your attention, comment, or response. Your life could dramatically improve if you add the 10-22 habit to your daily practice.⁠
See some nasty comment on your social feed? 10-22.⁠
Your brain offers a suggestion of a snack….10-22.⁠
Fellow driver cuts you off? 10-22.⁠
The act of not responding is for your benefit…not theirs. When you get all spun up, YOU suffer. Not “them”.⁠
Try it. Tell me how it feels 🙂
Have a great week! xoxo. Valerie⁠


PS. Watch the FREE video training I made on the ABC’s of Weight Loss for EMS.   Just click the blue button below to watch the video.

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If you are a WOMEN in EMS, click HERE to join the ALL EMS WOMEN private FB Page!

Open to both Women and Men in EMS is my EMS Weight Loss & Well Being private FB Page.  To join, click HERE.