These boots….

These boots…⁠

Duty boots are our foundation. ⁠

They carry us and support us on every call.⁠

Boots are strong and rugged on the outside. ⁠

They protect us.⁠

But, our boots can get worn down. ⁠

If we are in our boots more than we are out of our boots it will take a tool on them.⁠

We can extend the life of our boots by taking really good care of them.⁠

Would you take better care of your boots if you knew you only got one pair for your entire career?⁠

What would you do different from what you are doing now?⁠

No matter the circumstances you put those boots through, how they look is entirely up to you.⁠

Your boots are YOU.⁠

Do you see it??⁠

Taking impeccable care of ourselves is in our own hands.⁠

Self Care is not Selfish….it’s necessary.⁠

Go polish those boots on your next shift!!⁠



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I Can’t

Can't lives on Won't street

What are you telling yourself you “Can’t” do?
Lose Weight?
Plan your meals?
Can’t afford a coach?
Drink more water?
Prioritize your sleep?
Find time to move your body?
Eliminate snacking?
Take a break from Sugar and Flour?
Take a break from Alcohol?
Reduce your stress?
When you hear yourself say “I can’t…..” Ask yourself if you “Can’t” or you “Won’t”…and tell yourself the truth.
Next, ask WHY or WHY NOT?
This is where you will find what is getting in your way.
Focus on overcoming that obstacle which will lead you to your goal.
Tell me in the comments, what do you tell yourself you “Can’t” do?
Have a great weekend and be Well out there.
xo. Valerie

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Failure is defined as “lack of success”.

That is a pretty harmless definition, yet we make “Failure” mean far worse.

So many of us hold ourselves back from things because we are terrified of failure.

What do you make failure mean?

What would you do if you were guaranteed not to fail?

I have had a complete shift in how I think of failure.

I don’t make it mean anything about me. 

Failure only means “lack of success”…Not, “you suck because you ________.”

If we fail at something, it means we still have learning to do.

We need failure so we can have success.

Failures are the building blocks to our goal.

Have you tried many diets only to fail at them and gain the weight back?

This is great news because you learned from those past diets…of what does not work for you.

You didn’t learn the skills necessary to maintain your weight loss.

Don’t make it mean that you are never going to lose weight. That you are a failure.

If you want different results, you are going to have to try something you haven’t tried before.

This is where I can really help you.

I have been where you are.

I have learned many things, and I keep failing and learning. Still. Even after losing over 50#.

If you are ready to lose weight in a new way permanently, let’s get on a consult call.

It’s free, over the phone, no pressure. We talk, I tell you what I have to offer in my weight loss program designed for us in HEMS. I truly want to help you lose weight for the last time.📞

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Talk soon.

xxoo. Valerie

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Quitting vs quitting


Are you a Quitter?

Have you tried multiple diets? 

Have you tried to change a bad habit and found yourself quitting because it was too hard?

We are really good at justifying our quits…

“This is really hard” “I’m just too busy right now” “Now is not a good time” “My work schedule is just too complicated” “I’m too tired”

In the moment you decide to quit something, you feel relief.

After you quit something you likely have a lot of negative self talk, feel guilt and shame.

“Why? Why do I keep doing this to myself?”

Quitting is a habit.

Our brain is used to use quitting. 

Think about the majority of your days. 

If you are anything like me, you will have day after day filled with microquits.

What’s a microquit? It is all of those little quits you do.

I planned to go workout out, but cancelled at the last min. I want to go for a walk but it is snowing out.
I planned dinner, but didn’t feel like eating that so we went out for dinner instead. I planned to not drink tonight, but did anyways.

Any of this sound familiar?

These microquits eventually lead to the Big Quit.

You Quit the diet, you Quit on you.

I help my weight loss clients improve the relationship with themselves.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to stop Quitting on yourself.

How do you do this?

Have an epic compelling reason to lose weight.
Commit to yourself.
Make decisions ahead of time.
Follow through on those decisions even when you don’t want to.
Be willing to feel & embrace the discomfort of negative emotions.
Sit with intense urges and not answer them.
Learn to fail and be resilient. 

Listen, I totally get it. 

It is very hard to lose weight. 

I wish I would have had someone like me to help me lose my weight. I have been a Flight Paramedic for over 15 years. I know the job and all the excuses of why we can’t lose weight. That is why I became a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. I want to help other Flight Paramedics and Nurses lose weight. 

If you really want to lose the weight this year, I really want you to take the first step and click here to book a free consult call with me. You will leave the call with my number 1 weight loss tool you can carry with you on duty (and off!) and a better idea of how working with a coach who “gets it” can have you on your way to feeling Confident and Comfortable in your Flight Suit for 2019.

PS. If you really want to stop quitting on yourself and permanently lose the weight, hurry up and book a consult call with me. I have limited spots available due to my work schedule!

xo. VB


Willpower is a limited resource.

You know you are depending on Willpower when you have done “good” all day….then you get home from work the urges and overdesire take over and you find yourself eating a huge bowl of popcorn and on beer #3 {speaking from personal experience here my friends}.

The way to effortless & permanent weight loss is to learn how to NOT depend on willpower.

You need to learn a new skill, and it is called ALLOWING.

Allowing is very different than willpower.

They both feel uncomfortable.

One will lead to permeant weight loss and the other will lead to the “yo-yo” weight.

How do you allow urges and overdesire?

You just sit there and do nothing. Permission to be lazy.

But why is this so hard?

Because you will have to sit with the discomfort of your emotions.

Your primitive brain thinks you are experiencing real pain . It does not know if you are about to get attacked by a tiger or just feeling disappointed because you are not eating popcorn and drinking beer.

You just need to tell yourself, I’m ok. Nothing bad will happen to me. I’m just feeling negative emotion. No big deal. I can handle it. I need to experience this in order to lose weight today.

You got this. 

Practice allowing today and let me know how it goes.

If you need help with this…good news…I am very experienced with this and I CAN HELP YOU.

All you have to do it click on the blue “Book Now” button which will bring you to my scheduling page. Book a time that works for you and we will talk about how to get you losing weight right away. Super easy.

Talk soon.

xo. VB

Get Back on Track

Get back on track

Did you “fall off the wagon” this weekend?

Too much food & booze?

It happens.

But, there is no wagon.

You didn’t fall off anything.

You simply had thoughts. Thoughts that lead to overeating & overdrinking.

I have a worksheet that I use with my clients.

It is called “learn and move on”.

Each time we overeat or overdrink, it’s a great opportunity to learn.

After we learn about why we overate or overdrank we simply move on.

It does not serve us to beat ourselves up over it and hang out in guilt and shame.

Guilt and shame will not drive you to do better today.

If you are trying to lose weight, you HAVE to F-up many times to learn what is really going on.

Learn. Move on. Repeat. Learn. Move on. Repeat.

This is the way to wight loss.

The key part is making the decision to get back on track.

And by track, I’m talking PROTOCOL.

You know what to do.

Just follow your protocol.


Skip all the drama.

Focus on your next decision, not the next 10.

Need help creating a protocol that is perfect for you? This is what I do. I help you create a way of eating that fits your life. Not my life, not some other chicks life…yours.

If you really want to lose weight for the last time, click on the blue button below and set up a free 30 min consult call.  

xo. Valerie



If you are in HEMS you are very familiar with what a Protocol is.

But, have you ever considered creating a protocol for yourself?

How you will eat?

How you will sleep?

How you will eat or sleep post nights?

I bet you want to change some of your protocols at work.

If you have ever tried to do that you know that it is not something that happens overnight.

There are committees, meetings, more meetings, approvals, revisions and so on.

Then, it takes time for crew members to follow the protocol.

That is the challenge. Following the protocol.

The reason why a protocol is created is so that there is less “guess work” with what to do in the heat of the moment.

When I work with my clients, we create a protocol that works for them.

There are tools that we can add to the protocol that make it very customized.

The hard part is following the protocol.

When my clients (and myself!) follow our protocol we lose weight.

And, when we don’t follow it, we don’t lose weight.

Then WHY the F don’t we always follow it 100%???

Our brain. The primitive, child-like brain. The one who only wants to seek pleasure, avoid pain, and stay safe.

We need to learn to manage this part of our brain.

This is the reason why people hire me. I show them how to do this. I help get them out of their OWN way.

It does not happen overnight. It takes time and a ton of patience.

Let me help you create your own protocol.

If you want to learn more, click on the blue button below and set up a free 30 min consult call with me.  It is super easy!

XO. Valerie



The other “F” word.

It is a verb. An action.

The definition is simple; to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone.

Someday I will write about forgiving other people.

Today, I want to you to think about forgiving yourself.

Think about how different your life could be, how different you would show up for yourself and others if you forgave yourself.

Forgive all the wrongs you have done, let go of the guilt, drop the shame, stop the self-loathing and judgement.

When you stop feeling anger and resentment toward yourself, you will feel so much better.

Here is how I like to forgive myself.

Grab a piece of paper and pen.

Write down all the wrongs you have done, all the things you feel guilty about, all the reasons why you feel ashamed of yourself, all of self-loathing thoughts and the judgements of yourself.

Ask yourself if continuing to think and feel this way is serving you. Usually the answer is no.

I like to think about what I would say to my best friend if she came to me with that list of thoughts and feelings.

Would I tell her “yep, looks like you are a super bad person. You should for sure keep feeling anger and resentment. You deserve it. You need to suffer for the rest of your life, if you don’t you are condoning your actions”.

There is no way most of us would say that. So why do you say it to yourself?

I would say, “listen, you were doing the best you could. You are a human. Humans make mistakes. Sometimes our best is not good. That is the way it was supposed to happen. Nothing has gone wrong. You are 100% worthy because you are here. It is time to let go of the anger and resentment, it does not serve you today and in this moment. I love you no matter what.”

Take that piece of paper and rip in to tiny pieces, put it in a fire proof bowl and lite it on fire.

Spread those ashes on the Earth and say “I forgive myself and set myself free”.

Let that shit go.

Start living from your future, not your past. It is time to more forward.