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When I learned about this ONE thing, it blew my mind AND I was PISSED that none of the previous 10+ diets I had been on never ONCE mentioned this. Not ONCE.⁠

From that moment on, it became my mission to make sure everyone who wants to lose weight knows THIS ONE THING.⁠

Of course, learning more info is fun and exciting and feels important. But, if we don’t take ACTION, the learning is wasted.⁠

Have an amazing week!⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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Weight Loss Obstacle: FOOD

I asked a question on my FB page earlier this week.  What is your biggest obstacle to losing weight?  I got a handful of answers.

Conrad said that his biggest obstacle is food.  I have many thoughts about food.

When I tell people I am a weight loss coach, I immediately get asked about food.

Here is the deal with food, it is so important and yet completely irrelevant!  Whaaat????

Stay with me….I will tell you my recommendations about food, but first, you need to hear the truth.

You are overweight because you overeat.  You eat more food than your body requires for fuel. Period.  The end.  It does’t matter if you overeat a kale salad or a cheeseburger.  It is still overeating, and that is where the weight gain comes from.

If you want to lose weight, you need to stop overeating.

I have a blog coming out in the very near future that will go in great detail about overeating and what causes it and what to do about it!  Stay tuned for that.

There is no magic food or combination of food that will make you lose weight.  Clients desperately want to know what exactly they should eat, what I eat, and what other people have ate to lose weight.  Nope, not gonna do it..

We all have different likes/dislikes of food.  This is partly why I don’t create meal plans or tell people exactly what to eat.  You need to create your protocol based and what you like (and will) eat.  What’s more important is that you don’t overeat it and you ask yourself these questions when deciding what foods you want to include in your protocol.  

  1. Is this food fuel for my body?
  2. Does this food feel good in my body?
  3. Does this food provide necessary nutrients for my body?

Here is what I recommend my clients eat…..and BTW, this will not be a big shocker to you.  And really, you KNOW what to eat.  My job as your coach is to ask you “why do you choose NOT to eat what you know you should eat to lose weight?”  Seriously, answer that question in your head right now!  And, you are not allowed to say “I don’t know”.

Vegetables.  You need to east mostly vegetables.  All the veg…even the “starchy” ones.  Find ways to cook them that make them taste good.  Use olive oil, coconut oil, or butter to roast, grill, or sauté them.  Go to Pinterest and find some recipes.  In the summer, my family loves to eat raw veg with my mom’s homemade Dill Dip.  This dip is so good that my kids won’t even eat ranch dressing anymore.  #spoiled.

Moderate Protein.  Don’t go all hog wild here.  Remember, we are overweight because we overeat.    Any protein you like.  Even the “fatty” cuts of meat, or cured meat.  

Fat.  The low fat craze of the 80’s is over and there is plenty of research to show that this did not make America Lean Again.  I am on a roll with the puns today, even with minimal sleep!  Fat is great for a few reasons.  It helps with satiety, and does not cause our insulin to spike.  Olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocado, heavy cream (which is totally amazeballs in coffee), and cream cheese to name a few.  Check out my kit store for book recommendations that address the research behind dietary fat does not make us fat theory.

Whole grains.  Farro.  Wild rice. Oatmeal. Brown/white rice. Quinoa.  These are totally optional.    And, you want to limit them to once per day.

Fruit.  All the fruits. This is also optional and should be limited to once per day.

Here’s the deal with grains and fruit….they increase your glucose, which increase your insulin.  We want to keep insulin low.  If you want to learn more about insulin, check out my previous blog on insulin HERE  or get my free guide about insulin if you don’t have it already HERE.

I also highly suggest my clients take a break from sugar and flour.  It’s just good to see how dramatically it effects our weight and so many other areas of our life that we are completely unaware of.

And, ya’ll need to stop snacking.  I feel like I bring this up on nearly every blog and FB post, but seriously.  Stop it.  Snacks are not necessary.  You have STORED snacks on your body from last week…let your body access those.

Don’t forget to drink the water.

If you are wanting to lose weight in a way that I’m 100% certain you have not tried, let’s get on a FREE consult call and see if we would be a good fit….punny, I know. 🙂 Click on the blue BOOK NOW button below to go to my calendar and find a time that works best for you.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there!

xxoo.  Valerie

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In my last blog post I discussed hunger.  

This week, I want to look at fullness.

Feeling full (with food) feels good and normal in most of our bodies.

But, the goal is not to feel FULL after we eat.

The goal is to eat to satiety (satisfied).  

When we eat to fullness, we have overeaten.  

Overeating = Overweight body.

Just like hunger is a sensation that starts in the body and travels to the brain, satiety works the same way thanks to our hormones and hypothalamus. 

Leptin is the main hormone in satiety.  Leptin is released by our fat cells.  

After the glucose has been delivered to our cells and liver (thanks to insulin), what remains is sent to our fat cells for storage…to be used later.  Our fat cells release the leptin and say “Hey!  We got enough over here.  You can stop eating”.  

Unfortunately, this signal from the leptin is very subtle.  Our primitive brain is really good at ignoring it and encoring us to keep eating this delicious and dopamine releasing food. 

Another thing we have going against us is, if we have chronically elevated insulin (and if you are  overweight, you probably do) this will actually block leptin at brain.

This is a perfect recipe for gaining weight.  We have been conditioned to overeat, our primitive brain loves sugar/flour due to dopamine, and we can’t “hear” our satiety signals to let us know we are full.

Such good information to know.  It totally makes sense why we have been gaining weight.

The solution is to recalibrate our hormones, so we can feel (“hear”) satiety and to de-condition ourselves to stop overeating.

We do this by taking a break from flour and sugar, and paying attention to when we feel hungry and satisfied.

I recommend to my clients that they only eat when they feel physical hunger and stop eating when they feel satisfied.  

How do you know when you are satisfied? It will be different for everyone, but for me, it feels like I am no longer hungry, I have the desire to eat more, and there is still food on my plate.  

It will take a lot of practice to learn what satiety feels like to you.  It requires us to pay attention.  

We need to stop all the distractions when we eat.  No watching TV, reading a book, checking emails, or looking at social media.  

This will not feel good.  Your primitive brain will act just like a toddle having a tantrum.  All totally normal.  But, don’t listen to it.  

If you want to lose weight, you are going to have to become really good at listening to your body.    Here I go with “feelings” again.  🙂 

Your ability to feel discomfort is directly related to how successful you will be in your weight loss.

To sum it all up….only eat when you are hungry. Stop when satisfied. No snacking.  Take a break from flour and sugar. 

This will result in weight loss. Seems so simple.

But, it is not easy.  This is why having a coach is so beneficial.  I help you with all the drama that comes up.  And trust me, A LOT of drama will come up.  Having lost weight myself while still flying full time, crazy hours, sleep deprivation, husband, kids, and a puppy!  I got you my friend.

We are six months away from the New Year, let’s start working on that 2020 goal weight now.  

Use the blue “Book Now” button below to go to my online schedule and book a 30 min phone call with me.  There, we will talk about where you are now and where you want to be, I’ll tell you about my program.  Super easy and no pressure.

Talk soon.

Xo. Valerie 




How often are you snacking?

Do you graze all day long?

Do you carry snacks with you everywhere you go?

You don’t need snacks.

Despite what advertisers and marketers tell you.

Your kids likely don’t need them either.

Now your pissed.  I can tell.  You think I’m crazy.

Ok, maybe I should clarify a few things…if you are an insulin dependent diabetic this does not apply to you.  I’m talking to people who want to lose weight.  Healthy people who want to lose weight.  Whew, got that out of the way.

If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, one of my first suggestions is you stop snacking.

You really don’t need them and snacking is a big contributor to your weight gain.

I know what you are thinking…”I’m eating almonds, popcorn, and health snacks”.  It doesn’t matter.

Snacks are fertilizer for a fat ass.

Here’s why.

Every time you eat, your insulin goes up.  When your insulin is elevated, you are in a FAT STORAGE mode.  You cannot lose weight.

Listen, you are a smart flight paramedic or flight nurse.

This should really make sense to you.  Each time you put food in your mouth, I want you to tell yourself you are now releasing insulin and in FAT STORAGE mode.

Oh, you want to be in FAT BURNING mode???

That’s simple.

Keep your insulin low. 

Step one of three is to stop snacking.

If you want to learn the next two steps, go sign up for the FREE download I created by clicking HERE.

Have a great weekend and NO SNACKING.

xxoo, Valerie

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When I learned this, everything changed.

Quick disclaimer…I am not an MD, nor am I giving you any medical advise.

I am going to keep this super basic. If you want the finer deets….GI (my new abbreviation for Google It)!!

Insulin is a fat storage hormone.

Insulin goes up when your glucose goes up.

Your glucose and insulin go up every time you eat.

Some foods spike higher levels than others (duh!).

Sugar, Flour, Alcohol spike it highest.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Fat and Protein spike it the least.

I know what you are thinking….BACON. BUTTER!!

If you want to lose weight you MUST keep your insulin low.

When you eat, glucose and insulin go up. 

Your muscles and liver get their needed glucose, and what is left is stored as fat.

You eat again in 2-4 hours…the same thing happens…again and again and again.

One day you wake up and your flight suit is a bit more snug. 

You notice at quarterly weigh-ins that your up a few pounds. 

Let me help you create an eating protocol that works for YOUR body and YOUR schedule.

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