Sleep Mindset


How we think about sleep will determine how much sleep we get.

Whoa!!  That’s a pretty big claim, but trust me on this.

If you want to improve your sleep, you have to start with improving our off duty sleeping.  If you want to improve your off duty sleeping, you have to first tackle your sleep mindset.

What are your thoughts about sleep?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  • I don’t have time to sleep
  • There is too much going on for me to sleep today
  • Sleep is a luxury
  • Sleep is not a thing when you work this (EMS) job
  • I’m not going to pay a babysitter to watch my kids while I sleep
  • I have to _______
  • No such thing as sleep with a baby/toddler/tween/teen/young adult
  • I’m a light sleeper
  • I can’t sleep during the day
  • I can’t sleep b/c my spouse snores

Thoughts like those will prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Thoughts are very powerful obstacles!

Most of the above mentioned thoughts are just lies you tell yourself….and you just believe them to be true because you have never stopped to question the thought(s). You may even want to argue with me, that, no…it’s true…I don’t have time to sleep.

When I was really in the heart of my sleep struggles, I had sought out sleep advice from many different experts. None of which improved my sleep until I had a Life Coach explain to me how  my Thoughts create my Feelings, my Feeling will drive my Actions, and the actions I take will produce Results in my life.


CTFAR thought Model

I know that I don’t need to tell you how important sleep is.  Our bodies and minds need sleep to function at our highest ability.

If you have been in EMS for any amount of time, you have likely responded to a crash where someone had fallen asleep.

Lack of sleep has very negative effects on our cognitive abilities and affects our physical body as well.

If you are wanting to lose weight, you will have to get your off duty sleep dialed in!

Why is it that we know how important sleeps is yet we STILL DON’T do what needs to be done to get enough of it??

Because of how we Think about sleep.  Sleep mindset.

How we think is directly related to the life we live. Our thoughts will create our results.  If you think shitty thoughts about sleeping…guess what? You’re gonna have shitty sleep. These are not just semantics.  The words that come out of our mouths or the thoughts that stay in your head matter.

Our brains are always scanning for problems. When it finds a problem, it loves to focus on the problem. It feels important to focus on the problem.

When we focus on the problem, we stay IN the problem!! 

When we are IN the problem, we cannot FIND the SOLUTION.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

We have to learn to intentionally focus our brain on the solutions. If thoughts can be obstacles, they can also be the solution.

Focus thinking on how important your sleep is.

  • My body needs to rest and rejuvenate
  • Sleep is my number one fat burner
  • Sleep will help me feel better
  • I deserve to get quality sleep
  • I am at my best when I get adequate sleep
  • Sleep in not a luxury, it is a necessity
  • I choose to sleep now so that I may have a longer life
  • I am a good sleeper
  • I love to sleep
  • Sleep is a priority

When we re-direct our focus to the solution, we will create much different results in our life.  Our brains are good problem solvers, but only when we direct its focus.  My guess is, you have not spent a ton of time on your mindset of sleep. It’s no wonder it hasn’t improved yet.

I have tons and tons of tips and strategies on how to get better sleep, but if we don’t start from the top (brain) down, it won’t be a long term solution.

Does this really matter? Yes. It matters big time.

People want to argue with me that those obstacle thoughts are “true”.  Ok. Maybe. Maybe not.  My question is, why would you want to think them? They don’t serve you. They keep you where you are…stuck and not getting the sleep you need.

We have created the habit of always thinking about, and focusing on the negative, or the problem. It’s what feels most comfortable and familiar. But you don’t HAVE to.

Let’s put this into action. 

Grab the Free PDF Download (click the button at the end of the post) I created for you to write out your thoughts about sleep.  Dump all the thoughts out you have about sleep on these pages.  Don’t edit yourself. It does not have to read like a story, just rando sentences in your head about sleep.

Next spend some time coming up with thoughts you’d like to focus on that will improve your sleep mindset (similar to the examples I provided above!).

After setting the foundation for your sleep mindset, it will be much easier to improve sleep hygiene, and develop a pre-sleep routine!

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Think well my friend.

xo.  Valerie

Weigh in

quarterly weigh in got you down?
I’m right there with ya man.⁠
I hate the weigh in days. This one really snuck up on me.⁠
Using food to make myself feel better has been happening more frequently than I’d like to admit.⁠
If you are tired of your Tight Flight Suit, it’s time to do something about it.⁠
I’ll be hosting a three day (90 min sessions) Workshop next week. You will create a custom eating protocol that you will actually want to follow AND gets you the weight loss you are looking for.⁠
Imagine feeling confident and comfortable in your Flight Suit!! ⁠
In the Workshop, you will lean the three reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight, 12 tools to create a protocol, and strategies to overcome your biggest obstacles.⁠
If you start now, by your next weigh in you’ll be down at least one size in your flight suit.⁠
The best news is this workshop is ONLY$99 for all three days. ⁠
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xoxo. Valerie⁠

The ONE thing

The ONE thing you need to know to lose weight is just a few clicks away.

I created a PDF with all the deets. You can grab it fo FREE here.

When I learned about this ONE thing, it blew my mind AND I was PISSED that none of the previous 10+ diets I had been on never ONCE mentioned this. Not ONCE.⁠

From that moment on, it became my mission to make sure everyone who wants to lose weight knows THIS ONE THING.⁠

Of course, learning more info is fun and exciting and feels important. But, if we don’t take ACTION, the learning is wasted.⁠

Have an amazing week!⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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Do your Part

Are you doing your part?⁠

We like to talk about all the reasons why we “can’t” do our part when it comes to our weight loss (or life for that matter!)⁠

🔹My work schedule is too irregular⁠
🔹My kids love to eat pasta⁠
🔹I have to stay up late doing the dishes and laundry⁠
🔹I’m just too tired⁠
🔹My spouse doesn’t support me⁠
🔹It’s too expensive⁠

I used to call these excuses. ⁠

Now, I call them obstacles.⁠

When we call them excuses, we are acting like victims. Like we have no control over them.⁠

When we call them obstacles, we feel more in control. Like we can overcome them.⁠

Are you doing your part in creating ways to overcome your own obstacles?⁠

I can’t do this for you. YOU have to do YOUR part.⁠

You actually don’t need to know how…you just have to have the desire to figure it out.⁠

Get creative. Remember, losing weight is not complicated. ⁠

🔸Assess hunger/fullness⁠
🔸Begin upping your water intake⁠
🔸Commit to protecting and prioritizing your sleep⁠
🔸Decide what you will eat ahead of time⁠
🔸Exercise. No crazy work out..just move your bod.⁠

What obstacles are really getting in the way of you doing that? Do your part and overcome them!⁠

xoxo. Valerie⁠

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
I have spent many years using this day as an EXCUSE to OVERinduldge.
Now, since paving my path to permanent weight loss I approach this day as an EXCEPTION in my eating protocol which has been well planned out ahead of time.
As a weight loss coach, one of the fundamentals I teach is something called Pre-Frontal Planning.
This means we use our Pre-Frontal Cortex to plan what we will eat and drink ahead of time. NOT in the moment with our Primitive Brain.
Why does this matter?
Most of us live our life by making decisions from our Primitive Brain: I want it NOW. Instant satisfaction. MORE, MORE, MORE. It’s like the devil on your shoulder whispering in your ear…”you totally deserve that drink today. You worked hard. Go ahead, have it.” Living from and making decisions from the Primitive Brain feels good in the moment. Unfortunately, it can’t predict how you will feel LATER.
It can’t foresee that pleasure from OVEReating now will result in weight gain LATER.
Pre-Frontal Planning is using the part of our brain that can predict the future consequences of decisions. If…then… If I drink now, then I will feel terrible later.
If I OVEReat I will see an increase on the scale.
When we plan our food and drink ahead of time, we do so with our future in mind.
We can make decisions based on our LONG term goals, which will feel amazing.


  • I have decided that I will have two Margaritas today.
  • I have decided that I will have homemade chips, salsa and guacamole today.
  • I have decided that I will eat baked Mexican chicken casserole today.
  • I will stop eating when I feel just satisfied. Not full.
  • I will not overeat.
I also make this exception knowing that I might now see the scale go down this week.
I’m ok with that. This is the EXCEPTION not my daily RULE.
One last thing….don’t think for a SECOND that this is EASY.
Our Primitive Brains are what evolved the humans.
It will not sit quietly while I eat chips and salsa and wash it down with a drink.
I’m ok now sitting with that feeling of wanting more and not having it.
This takes a ton of practice and failure.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
xo. Val

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If you are feeling like the world is so negative right now listen up.⁠

Why are you focusing on the negativity?⁠

Our brain is built with negativity bias. It is constantly looking for negativity as a way to keep us safe. ⁠

Good to know, and thank you brain for trying to keep me safe.⁠

Did you know that you can choose to focus on the positive? Yep, even during a pandemic.⁠

My husband is the best at this. But, he works at it. ⁠

This is really hard for me. I like focus on the negative. I think it feels protective in a way. ⁠

What sucks, is that when I focus on the negative things I feel shitty. ⁠

Then my brain offers up ways to feel better…and the quickest way to do that is with food. Especially sweets. I eat them, then guess what??? I feel shitty again.⁠

This turns into a negative feedback loop.⁠

I can see now when this is starting for me and I have to force myself out of the negative feedback loop.⁠

Here’s how I change my perspective….I start thinking about everything I am grateful for. Start with your body, get specific…I am grateful for my brain, my vision, the sense of smell, the taste of my favorite food, my ears to hear the sounds of my kids laughing….you get the idea. ⁠

If you are feeling really negative at work, see if you can find 25 things to be grateful for…I’m grateful for the helicopter, our mechanics that keep them working and safe, the pilots for having the skills and knowledge to fly, Zoll monitor to monitor patients, and so on.⁠

This takes practice and patience.⁠

Give it a try and see how you feel. ⁠

I am so grateful for you.⁠

You can do this. WE can do this!!⁠

xoxo. Valerie⁠

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Masks on!

Masks On

COVID-19 has undoubtedly upped the stress level for Pre-Hospital providers.⁠

We don’t have the luxuries hospitals provide.⁠

I have found myself resentful of that over the last few weeks.⁠

How often do we hear (or say) “It must be nice to….have access all around the patient….have a nice controlled environment….be 72 degrees all day everyday…good lighting” and so on to our hospital providers??⁠

I had big perspective shift after a short email exchange with an ED Doc I admire…I had asked her how she is managing wearing a mask all day. I asked because my first day of focused masking did not go well. With in an hour I had a migraine, by two hours I was nauseated, and by three hours my negative thoughts were spiraling out of control!⁠

My ED Doc agreed, it takes some getting used to. But, what she said next changed by perspective in an instant…”If I were you, I’d go outside as much a possible and take the mask off for a few min.” ⁠

Dang. “It must be nice to”…. have a job where you can go walk outside and take a break from that mask and get some fresh air!⁠

It must be nice to not to take care of 100’s of patients during a 12 hour shift.⁠

I could go on and on about the many benefits we have in this job. ⁠

Don’t take for granted that most of us in the Pre-Hospital Environment get the luxury of being outside, getting fresh air, and can get a break. ⁠

If you are struggling right now, how can you find the good? ⁠

Can you find a shift or change in your perspective?⁠

Just that little shift in perspective can be a game changer.⁠

Have a safe day.⁠

Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others.⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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Stay Well EMS

Stay Well EMS

Good morning!⁠

As many of us head in to work this morning I want you to think about how you can stay well while on Duty.⁠

What would that look like for you?⁠

Are you willing to put your brain to work and figure out how to drink a few extra bottles of water today?⁠

What about deciding to only eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel satisfied…not full?⁠

How can you move you move your body while not on a call?⁠

What about when you feel the stress building up while en route to a trauma? Can you take 4 slow very deep breaths? ⁠

If you do have a bad trauma and you are feeling especially stressed when you clear the hospital (and your not driving!) pull out your phone and play a game on your phone for a few min.⁠

I know these things seem small and don’t seem like they matter, but my friends, they do. ⁠

Taking care of ourselves during this pandemic is critical.⁠

Have a safe day.⁠

xo. Val⁠

PS. Watch the FREE video training I made on the ABC’s of Weight Loss for EMS.   Just click the blue button below to watch the video.

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Self Care is NOT Selfish

Self care is not selfish

Self Care might seem “selfish” at a time like this.⁠

But, this time….this time of COVID-19 our Self-Care is the most important thing.⁠

This can mean many different things to many different people at many different times.⁠

For me, while at work Self-Care is:⁠
*Donning and doffing PPE properly and in as much time as needed⁠
*Eating only when I’m hungry. Stopping when satisfied⁠
*Setting my alarm to drink water⁠
*Taking deep breaths when I feel myself getting stressed⁠
*Talking to my partner about thoughts that are running around in my head⁠
*Getting outside for some fresh air ⁠
*Putting my earbuds in and listening to my favorite songs⁠

At Home my Self-Care looks a little different.⁠
*Prioritizing and Protecting my Sleep⁠
*Planning my food and movement ⁠
*Writing my thoughts down in a journal⁠
*Drinking 1 gallon of water⁠
*Managing my time very intentionally⁠
*Writing in my journal⁠
*Meditating for 5-10 min per day⁠
*Taking the dog for a walk⁠
*Tech free eating⁠
*Listening to books and podcast that move me forward toward my goals⁠
*Hot bath before bed⁠
*Being real and honest with my kids in those rare, still moments⁠

I would love to hear what you do for Self-Care!⁠

Be safe out there my friends. The world needs you.⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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I Can’t

Can't lives on Won't street

What are you telling yourself you “Can’t” do?
Lose Weight?
Plan your meals?
Can’t afford a coach?
Drink more water?
Prioritize your sleep?
Find time to move your body?
Eliminate snacking?
Take a break from Sugar and Flour?
Take a break from Alcohol?
Reduce your stress?
When you hear yourself say “I can’t…..” Ask yourself if you “Can’t” or you “Won’t”…and tell yourself the truth.
Next, ask WHY or WHY NOT?
This is where you will find what is getting in your way.
Focus on overcoming that obstacle which will lead you to your goal.
Tell me in the comments, what do you tell yourself you “Can’t” do?
Have a great weekend and be Well out there.
xo. Valerie

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Everyone Needs a Life Coach…here’s why * Video*

Do you need a Life Coach?

I just heard the greatest quote….“We used to think cell phones were optional, now, we can’t imagine our lives with out them.  The same goes for Life Coaching.  Everyone needs one, you need to find one that resonates with you”

EMS….we especially need a Life Coach!  

What we see and experience is not normal.  

Our Schedule is not normal.

Our Sleep is not normal.

The Problem is we believe that the cause of our suffering is the job.  

The job is not causing your suffering. 

The job is a Circumstance.  Circumstances are neutral.  Not good.  Not bad.

What causes our suffering is our Thoughts about the job.  

I help people become aware of their thoughts.  Think about their thoughts, and decide if they want to keep those thoughts.

When our job is the villain, we are the victim and we feel helpless.

If you want to feel better about your job, find a Life Coach.

Coaching is an affordable investment in your Well-Beling.  

Why wait to feel better?

xo.  Valerie-Life & Weight Loss Coach for EMS/HEMS

Weight Loss Obstacle: FOOD

I asked a question on my FB page earlier this week.  What is your biggest obstacle to losing weight?  I got a handful of answers.

Conrad said that his biggest obstacle is food.  I have many thoughts about food.

When I tell people I am a weight loss coach, I immediately get asked about food.

Here is the deal with food, it is so important and yet completely irrelevant!  Whaaat????

Stay with me….I will tell you my recommendations about food, but first, you need to hear the truth.

You are overweight because you overeat.  You eat more food than your body requires for fuel. Period.  The end.  It does’t matter if you overeat a kale salad or a cheeseburger.  It is still overeating, and that is where the weight gain comes from.

If you want to lose weight, you need to stop overeating.

I have a blog coming out in the very near future that will go in great detail about overeating and what causes it and what to do about it!  Stay tuned for that.

There is no magic food or combination of food that will make you lose weight.  Clients desperately want to know what exactly they should eat, what I eat, and what other people have ate to lose weight.  Nope, not gonna do it..

We all have different likes/dislikes of food.  This is partly why I don’t create meal plans or tell people exactly what to eat.  You need to create your protocol based and what you like (and will) eat.  What’s more important is that you don’t overeat it and you ask yourself these questions when deciding what foods you want to include in your protocol.  

  1. Is this food fuel for my body?
  2. Does this food feel good in my body?
  3. Does this food provide necessary nutrients for my body?

Here is what I recommend my clients eat…..and BTW, this will not be a big shocker to you.  And really, you KNOW what to eat.  My job as your coach is to ask you “why do you choose NOT to eat what you know you should eat to lose weight?”  Seriously, answer that question in your head right now!  And, you are not allowed to say “I don’t know”.

Vegetables.  You need to east mostly vegetables.  All the veg…even the “starchy” ones.  Find ways to cook them that make them taste good.  Use olive oil, coconut oil, or butter to roast, grill, or sauté them.  Go to Pinterest and find some recipes.  In the summer, my family loves to eat raw veg with my mom’s homemade Dill Dip.  This dip is so good that my kids won’t even eat ranch dressing anymore.  #spoiled.

Moderate Protein.  Don’t go all hog wild here.  Remember, we are overweight because we overeat.    Any protein you like.  Even the “fatty” cuts of meat, or cured meat.  

Fat.  The low fat craze of the 80’s is over and there is plenty of research to show that this did not make America Lean Again.  I am on a roll with the puns today, even with minimal sleep!  Fat is great for a few reasons.  It helps with satiety, and does not cause our insulin to spike.  Olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocado, heavy cream (which is totally amazeballs in coffee), and cream cheese to name a few.  Check out my kit store for book recommendations that address the research behind dietary fat does not make us fat theory.

Whole grains.  Farro.  Wild rice. Oatmeal. Brown/white rice. Quinoa.  These are totally optional.    And, you want to limit them to once per day.

Fruit.  All the fruits. This is also optional and should be limited to once per day.

Here’s the deal with grains and fruit….they increase your glucose, which increase your insulin.  We want to keep insulin low.  If you want to learn more about insulin, check out my previous blog on insulin HERE  or get my free guide about insulin if you don’t have it already HERE.

I also highly suggest my clients take a break from sugar and flour.  It’s just good to see how dramatically it effects our weight and so many other areas of our life that we are completely unaware of.

And, ya’ll need to stop snacking.  I feel like I bring this up on nearly every blog and FB post, but seriously.  Stop it.  Snacks are not necessary.  You have STORED snacks on your body from last week…let your body access those.

Don’t forget to drink the water.

If you are wanting to lose weight in a way that I’m 100% certain you have not tried, let’s get on a FREE consult call and see if we would be a good fit….punny, I know. 🙂 Click on the blue BOOK NOW button below to go to my calendar and find a time that works best for you.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there!

xxoo.  Valerie

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I just want to eat like a “Normal” person.

If you are anything like me, you have said that many times in the face of weight loss.

Let’s stop and think about this.

What is normal?

Why do we just want to be normal?

Can’t we do better than “normal”?

Here is the truth about normal……

Normal in our country is obesity.

It is normal to overeat.

It is normal to drink alcohol all the time.

Its is normal to use food & booze as our only source of entertainment.

The reason we feel such pressure to “be normal” is because of our Primitive Brain.

Our primitive brain thinks it is dangerous to not fit in with the herd. 

What our brain does not know is that it is the year 2019 and nothing bad will happen if we don’t have beer at Happy Hour, or a cupcake at the Birthday Party.

Your brain will go to work with thoughts that will lead you to “be normal” and drink at Happy Hour or eat the Birthday cupcake.

Eating “normal” got you to where you are now…..overweight.

Maybe you want to re-read that last part.

Now ask yourself “do I really want to eat normal?” 


Simple math formula for you…

Eating normal = being overweight.

I do NOT want to be normal.

I do NOT want eat like a normal person. 

If you want to stop eating like a normal person, you are going to have to think and feel things you are not very good at, and that will be uncomfortable.

Being overweight is uncomfortable. 

Which do you choose?

If you want me to help you learn to eat in a way that is NOT NORMAL & does not result in an overweight body, click the blue button below.  This will take you to my schedule where you can book a Free 30 min consult call at a day and time that works best for you.  I will show you how different your life can be!

Xo. Valerie


I’m in support of detoxing.

I want you to let your body do its own detoxing….which it does everyday with out you doing a juice fast or some other crazy thing.

My idea of detoxing is much different.

Detox from all the crap TV you are watching, Social Media you are consuming, and the constant negative self talk.

You are confused on what kind of detox you REALLY need.

Why not try it and see how much better you feel?

It is hard to see how much TV, Social, and negative self talk impact us until we take a break from it.

It will be hard, and that’s ok.

What will you do with the extra time you now have?

You can spend it listening to a positive podcast, reading a book that will improve your life, meditate, journaling, sleeping, and so much more!

If you want different results in your life, you are going to have to think new thoughts. Feel different feelings. Take new actions.

Stop believing there is a quick fix out there. That there is something outside of you that will change you.

Change only comes from within and is available to you when you are ready.

If you need help, I am here for you.

To book a free consult call with me, use the blue “Book Now” button that will bring you to my schedule. Pick a time that works for you and let’s talk about the solution.

xo. Valerie

PS. I also help people who are not in HEMS/EMS. If you want to lose weight, I want to help you 🙂