Sleep Mindset


How we think about sleep will determine how much sleep we get.

Whoa!!  That’s a pretty big claim, but trust me on this.

If you want to improve your sleep, you have to start with improving our off duty sleeping.  If you want to improve your off duty sleeping, you have to first tackle your sleep mindset.

What are your thoughts about sleep?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  • I don’t have time to sleep
  • There is too much going on for me to sleep today
  • Sleep is a luxury
  • Sleep is not a thing when you work this (EMS) job
  • I’m not going to pay a babysitter to watch my kids while I sleep
  • I have to _______
  • No such thing as sleep with a baby/toddler/tween/teen/young adult
  • I’m a light sleeper
  • I can’t sleep during the day
  • I can’t sleep b/c my spouse snores

Thoughts like those will prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Thoughts are very powerful obstacles!

Most of the above mentioned thoughts are just lies you tell yourself….and you just believe them to be true because you have never stopped to question the thought(s). You may even want to argue with me, that, no…it’s true…I don’t have time to sleep.

When I was really in the heart of my sleep struggles, I had sought out sleep advice from many different experts. None of which improved my sleep until I had a Life Coach explain to me how  my Thoughts create my Feelings, my Feeling will drive my Actions, and the actions I take will produce Results in my life.


CTFAR thought Model

I know that I don’t need to tell you how important sleep is.  Our bodies and minds need sleep to function at our highest ability.

If you have been in EMS for any amount of time, you have likely responded to a crash where someone had fallen asleep.

Lack of sleep has very negative effects on our cognitive abilities and affects our physical body as well.

If you are wanting to lose weight, you will have to get your off duty sleep dialed in!

Why is it that we know how important sleeps is yet we STILL DON’T do what needs to be done to get enough of it??

Because of how we Think about sleep.  Sleep mindset.

How we think is directly related to the life we live. Our thoughts will create our results.  If you think shitty thoughts about sleeping…guess what? You’re gonna have shitty sleep. These are not just semantics.  The words that come out of our mouths or the thoughts that stay in your head matter.

Our brains are always scanning for problems. When it finds a problem, it loves to focus on the problem. It feels important to focus on the problem.

When we focus on the problem, we stay IN the problem!! 

When we are IN the problem, we cannot FIND the SOLUTION.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

We have to learn to intentionally focus our brain on the solutions. If thoughts can be obstacles, they can also be the solution.

Focus thinking on how important your sleep is.

  • My body needs to rest and rejuvenate
  • Sleep is my number one fat burner
  • Sleep will help me feel better
  • I deserve to get quality sleep
  • I am at my best when I get adequate sleep
  • Sleep in not a luxury, it is a necessity
  • I choose to sleep now so that I may have a longer life
  • I am a good sleeper
  • I love to sleep
  • Sleep is a priority

When we re-direct our focus to the solution, we will create much different results in our life.  Our brains are good problem solvers, but only when we direct its focus.  My guess is, you have not spent a ton of time on your mindset of sleep. It’s no wonder it hasn’t improved yet.

I have tons and tons of tips and strategies on how to get better sleep, but if we don’t start from the top (brain) down, it won’t be a long term solution.

Does this really matter? Yes. It matters big time.

People want to argue with me that those obstacle thoughts are “true”.  Ok. Maybe. Maybe not.  My question is, why would you want to think them? They don’t serve you. They keep you where you are…stuck and not getting the sleep you need.

We have created the habit of always thinking about, and focusing on the negative, or the problem. It’s what feels most comfortable and familiar. But you don’t HAVE to.

Let’s put this into action. 

Grab the Free PDF Download (click the button at the end of the post) I created for you to write out your thoughts about sleep.  Dump all the thoughts out you have about sleep on these pages.  Don’t edit yourself. It does not have to read like a story, just rando sentences in your head about sleep.

Next spend some time coming up with thoughts you’d like to focus on that will improve your sleep mindset (similar to the examples I provided above!).

After setting the foundation for your sleep mindset, it will be much easier to improve sleep hygiene, and develop a pre-sleep routine!

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Think well my friend.

xo.  Valerie

How to live Well in EMS


I’m going to dive deep into Well Being and Wellness this week. Today, I’ll show you one way you can start living Well today.

What does Well Being mean?  According to the dictionary it means to be happy, healthy, or prosperous.  I don’t love that definition.  

Wellness is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.  Again, not a big fan.

Happiness, and health don’t just happen magically.  They both require work. You can be happy and not well.  The two really are not related.  Wellness does not equal happiness.

But, what is this “Wellness” or state of “Well Being” that many of us are after and how do we get there?

For me, I’m looking to feel well in my body. Less aches and pains. Rested. Energized. Clear headed. Movement with ease. Less stress and overwhelm. Lab results in “normal” limits. Weight with in a range according to my height and age.

We don’t ever arrive at this “perfect” state either.  It will always be a work in progress.  There is no Wellness destination.  It is…and I cringe saying this…a “lifestyle”.  

Living a life of Wellness means you are actively living your life to be well.  In order to do that, you have to make a lot of decisions. Not all those decisions will feel fun and pleasurable either.  That is part of the deal.  

  • Why do we expect to feel well when we don’t eat well?  
  • Why do we expect to feel strong when we don’t actively work at getting stronger?  
  • Why do we expect to feel rested when we don’t actively work on improving our quantity and quality of sleep?

Because we want a well body to be easy and effortless. We receive messages all the time via media that suggests that it is.  

The real question is why don’t we do what what needs to be done to be well?

Your limbic brain. It’s default it to choose pleasure over pain. Comfort over discomfort. Habits over new desired habits.

Our limbic brain, or the Primitive Brain is our “auto pilot” brain. This the brain the drives most of us. Its goal is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and be efficient.  It can only think about the current moment. It wants the instant gratification right now.

The Pre Frontal Cortex is the part of our brain that can think about our future. It’s the planner. The cognitive thinker.  It is capable of delaying instant gratification for long term satisfaction.

If we are seeking to live a well life, we need to be living that life with our pre frontal cortex…NOT the primitive brain.

We have to stop expecting ourselves to make the best decision on auto pilot.  It’s not gonna happen. 

Your primitive brain will never just choose not to eat cookies.  It will always want the cookies. They will give us pleasure.

Living a life striving to be well, means we have to live intentionally.  Not on default.

We have to plan what we will eat ahead of time with our pre frontal cortex, not our primitive brain.

We have to schedule our workouts and do it, even when we don’t feel like doing it.

Remind yourself in those times of “not wanting to”, or “not feeling like it”, that you made that decision with your intention in mind. Don’t let your primitive brain run your life.  It just wants to sit on the couch, watch Netflix and eat snacks all day.

Tough love coming in hot….stop blaming your EMS life for your lack of Wellness.  

This was a huge struggle for me.  I was convinced that if I didn’t work in EMS, my health would be so much better.  I would not have gained so much weight.  It’s totally not true.  I have my same brain. No matter where I work.  Does our EMS life add a layer of complexity? Yes. But, it’s totally doable. It just requires more pre frontal planning. 

You can do this.  Despite your work schedule. You CAN be well and work EMS.

Wellness comes from intention and action.

xo.  Valerie
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Weigh in

quarterly weigh in got you down?
I’m right there with ya man.⁠
I hate the weigh in days. This one really snuck up on me.⁠
Using food to make myself feel better has been happening more frequently than I’d like to admit.⁠
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I’ll be hosting a three day (90 min sessions) Workshop next week. You will create a custom eating protocol that you will actually want to follow AND gets you the weight loss you are looking for.⁠
Imagine feeling confident and comfortable in your Flight Suit!! ⁠
In the Workshop, you will lean the three reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight, 12 tools to create a protocol, and strategies to overcome your biggest obstacles.⁠
If you start now, by your next weigh in you’ll be down at least one size in your flight suit.⁠
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DM me with questions.⁠
xoxo. Valerie⁠

You can do it

We can do it

I love being a female paramedic.⁠

I decided 20+ years ago that THIS would be my career.⁠

What I wish I had back then was SUPPORT from the other females, family, friends, and co-workers.⁠

People were constantly telling me why I shouldn’t do this, that this job is not for women, I would never be able to be a mom AND still work my crazy hours, that the job would destroy me both mentally and physically.⁠

I can’t image what my career would look like if I’d heard the opposite.⁠

Has this job been hard at times? Hell yes it has. Has it nearly broken me? Yep. But, I am not fragile. I can do hard things.⁠

I created a FB group that is just for Women in EMS, where women go to get encouraged, supported, and told “Yes, you CAN do this”. It’s the most beautiful thing.⁠

On the anniversary of 9/11/2001 I asked the ladies to share their memories from that day, and it was EMOTIONAL to read them all. We have ladies that were babies….yes babies when it happened, and many ladies who had family members at Ground Zero and some that were there themselves. To have a group where the women felt safe to share and be so vulnerable was such a gift to us all.⁠

My hope is that ALL EMS WOMEN will be in this group.

It’s gonna be fun to see what we can accomplish. ⁠

Love you ladies. See you inside.⁠

xox. Valerie⁠

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Do your Part

Are you doing your part?⁠

We like to talk about all the reasons why we “can’t” do our part when it comes to our weight loss (or life for that matter!)⁠

🔹My work schedule is too irregular⁠
🔹My kids love to eat pasta⁠
🔹I have to stay up late doing the dishes and laundry⁠
🔹I’m just too tired⁠
🔹My spouse doesn’t support me⁠
🔹It’s too expensive⁠

I used to call these excuses. ⁠

Now, I call them obstacles.⁠

When we call them excuses, we are acting like victims. Like we have no control over them.⁠

When we call them obstacles, we feel more in control. Like we can overcome them.⁠

Are you doing your part in creating ways to overcome your own obstacles?⁠

I can’t do this for you. YOU have to do YOUR part.⁠

You actually don’t need to know how…you just have to have the desire to figure it out.⁠

Get creative. Remember, losing weight is not complicated. ⁠

🔸Assess hunger/fullness⁠
🔸Begin upping your water intake⁠
🔸Commit to protecting and prioritizing your sleep⁠
🔸Decide what you will eat ahead of time⁠
🔸Exercise. No crazy work out..just move your bod.⁠

What obstacles are really getting in the way of you doing that? Do your part and overcome them!⁠

xoxo. Valerie⁠

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Hello There…

Hello There!

Well Hello there!⁠

In case you’re new around here I wanted to take a minute and tell you a bit about me and how I got here. ⁠

I’m going to do it EMS Report style with my favorite format…VOMIT…⁠

V= Vitals…Flight Paramedic. Married. Three kids. Coach. Blogger.⁠

O= Origin..West/Central Wisconsin, originally from Minnesota⁠

M= Mechanism…married. divorced. moved. married. 3 kids in 4 years. 100# weight gain. two knee surgeries. sick all of the time. hot mess express (aka hormones).⁠

I= Interventions…hired a Life Coach, hot yoga, meditation, walking.⁠

T= Treatments…coaching, reduced sugar and flour, limited ETOH, listen to my bodies signals, mindset upgrade, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and increased water intake ⁠

The result of this HARD work? Down 50#, completely new attitude, feeling better than I have in two decades, became a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and started my own Coaching practice and helping other EMS professionals improve their Well Being and Lose Weight!⁠

To grab a copy of a Free Training on the ABC’s of Weight Loss for EMS, click the blue button below!

xoxo. Valerie

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Valerie Bestland Before & After

Stop waiting for the perfect time to go after a goal.⁠

Waiting for “Perfect” is just another way to say you are afraid.⁠

That’s ok, just be honest with yourself.⁠

Being afraid holds us back from living into our full potential. ⁠

A few quotes I love (not sure who they are from)⁠
feel the fear and do it anyway” ⁠
“You can do it afraid”⁠
“fear does not mean stop”⁠
“fear is just a vibration in your body, it can’t harm you”⁠

And, my own quote “what is the difference between fear and excitement? A thought”⁠


I was so afraid to “try” to lose weight again. I had wasted so much money and time on all the BS “diets” out there. ⁠

It was humiliating to gain and lose, gain and lose over and over again.⁠

One day, I had enough and pressed “complete order” and signed up for a coaching program. I have never regretted it.

Sure, my weight has gone up and down. But what I know now, is the REAL reason why I gain and lose weight. ⁠

It’s not from the foods I eat or don’t eat…the work outs I do or don’t do..It begins with a Thought.⁠

How we THINK determines the RESULTS we get.⁠

Send me a DM if you are ready to feel the fear and sign up for my Weight Loss & Well-Being Coaching program. ⁠

xox. Valerie⁠

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Stay Well EMS

Stay Well EMS

Good morning!⁠

As many of us head in to work this morning I want you to think about how you can stay well while on Duty.⁠

What would that look like for you?⁠

Are you willing to put your brain to work and figure out how to drink a few extra bottles of water today?⁠

What about deciding to only eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel satisfied…not full?⁠

How can you move you move your body while not on a call?⁠

What about when you feel the stress building up while en route to a trauma? Can you take 4 slow very deep breaths? ⁠

If you do have a bad trauma and you are feeling especially stressed when you clear the hospital (and your not driving!) pull out your phone and play a game on your phone for a few min.⁠

I know these things seem small and don’t seem like they matter, but my friends, they do. ⁠

Taking care of ourselves during this pandemic is critical.⁠

Have a safe day.⁠

xo. Val⁠

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Weight Loss Formula

Here’s a weight loss formula you might not have learned!
What you want most (weight loss) minus what you want now (cupcakes for example)= weight loss.
What do you really want most?
If the answer is Weight Loss, you have to be willing to not have something in this moment that you really want.
This is not easy, and it is not what most people do.
We live in a world of instant gratification. .
Our brain is very confused when we really want something and don’t have it.
Tell your brain that we are giving up the temporary pleasure of cupcakes for the long term satisfaction of achieving our weight loss goal. .
You might feel disappointed for a little bit, and that’s ok.
Seeing the number on the scale go down is totally worth it. I promise!
xo. Val

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Everyone wants more knowledge. 

We believe that the solution to our problems lies somewhere in more information/learning/knowledge.
Our brain loves to learn new things.
The brain thinks it is useful to keep learning more.
It feels like we are doing something productive when we are learning more about our problems.
But learning more does not produce more action.
We can learn all about snowboarding, but until we actually go snowboarding we will not learn how to do it.
Learning about how to lose weight will not make us good at losing weight.
We have to do things, change things, plan things to lose weight.
Spend time trying and doing things that will bring you closer to your goal weight.
I help people stop focusing on their problem and start taking action on the solution.
What actions can you take today that will move you closer to your goal? Tell me in the comments!
xo Val

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I Can’t

Can't lives on Won't street

What are you telling yourself you “Can’t” do?
Lose Weight?
Plan your meals?
Can’t afford a coach?
Drink more water?
Prioritize your sleep?
Find time to move your body?
Eliminate snacking?
Take a break from Sugar and Flour?
Take a break from Alcohol?
Reduce your stress?
When you hear yourself say “I can’t…..” Ask yourself if you “Can’t” or you “Won’t”…and tell yourself the truth.
Next, ask WHY or WHY NOT?
This is where you will find what is getting in your way.
Focus on overcoming that obstacle which will lead you to your goal.
Tell me in the comments, what do you tell yourself you “Can’t” do?
Have a great weekend and be Well out there.
xo. Valerie

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Weight Loss Belief Scale

Do you believe you can reach your goal weight?  

Really go there for a moment…is it really possible?  For you?  Not just “other” people.

One of my teachers recently had a Podcast series on Belief (in business), I kept thinking about how it related to my weight loss clients.  She talked about the three stages of Belief.

  1. Impossibility
  2. Possibility
  3. Inevitability

What stage of belief are you in about regarding that weight loss goal?

Nearly all my clients start in impossibility, after our first few sessions they are firmly in the possibility of the goal.  Inevitability takes time, and that is where they stay until the goal is reached.

  • IMPOSSIBILITY: When we live in impossibility, we believe that we can’t ever be successful at weight loss because of all the times we have failed in the past.  We believe there is no possible way to lose weight that we haven’t tried yet.  We use excuses like our job, hectic schedules, family life and other commitments to not even try something new.  We blame other people for our weight gain.  “If they wouldn’t….I could..”.  “he doesn’t……”.  This stage of belief feels hopeless and exhausting.


  • POSSIBILITY: Is like seeing that faint glimmer of light in the fog.  The light gets brighter and brighter as the fog is lifted.  I remember feeling this when I read the book “If I’m so smart, why can’t I lose weight” and thought “YES. This. This is what I have been missing in all my past attempts to lose weight”.  I hope you felt that way when you discovered me.  I get you.  I have been exactly where you are. What I say and how I say it makes total sense to you.  You want to learn more.  This stage can feel energetic and exciting.  Maybe, for the first time ever, you really believe that your goal weight is really possible.


  • INEVITABILITY: is where you believe, with out a doubt that your goal is as good as done.  This feels fun and amazing. Where all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place and you start losing weight.  This is the stage where you really start to see what else could be possible for your life. 


Now, being more aware of where you currently are in your belief, my next questions is….where do you WANT to be?

Helping people move though these stages as their coach gives me such joy. 

If you are ready to move from impossibility to inevitability I’m here to help you do that.  Click the button below to send me a direct message with your questions.  I’m happy to answer them!

Have a great weekend!

xo.  Valerie

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