Circumstances are facts.

Facts are neutral….

Facts don’t hurt.

Circumstances are things that are out of our control.

The circumstances of our lives have no effect on us until we have a thought about it.

Examples of Circumstances are the weather, food, our past, and other peoples behaviors.

Most people believe that their feelings, actions, and results are caused by Circumstances.

This is just not true.

If someone dies, we don’t feel sad until we find out about the death. When they die (circumstance) it does not cause us immediate pain. When hear about the death and have a thought about it is when we feel the pain.

The circumstance of your life do not have power over you.

This is good to know.

Your weight is also neutral.

We know this because if you asked 5 random people what they thought about your weight, you would get 5 different thoughts.

Someone might think “Oh, I wished I was at that weight”, or “that seems like a lot”.

Many of my clients struggle with this.

This is where coaching is so beneficial.

I want to help show my clients that even their circumstances are neutral.

We believe other peoples are, but ours??? That is totally different.

It is not, I promise.

What are your neutral facts of life?

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I love talking about this work!

Xo. Valerie