Compelling Reason

Compelling reason.

Do you have a compelling reason to lose weight?

Having one is so important. 

It is what will make you feel motivated to take action. Even in the face to tremendous discomfort.

Losing weight is hard. 

We have unknowing taught ourselves that eating and drinking makes us feel better.

Losing weight is the process of moving away from what gives us comfort.

But, the comfort food & drink give us is temporary. 

What we truly desire is long term satisfaction.

Your primitive brain only knows instant gratification.

In the times of discomfort during change we need to call upon our compelling reason.

It needs to be better than “nice”. 

It would be nice to lose weight. It would be nice to wear a size 6, or weight 140#.

Nice won’t cut it when you are exhausted, and stressed after a long flight and there are homemade cookies in the ED break room.

What will stop you in your tracks when you are about to eat the cookie?

So, how do you find that compelling reason? 

Grab a pen and paper, and I will show you how.

{write this} Why do I want to lose weight? {and write the answer}

Then, ask yourself why again based on the answer you just gave. {write all of this down}

Ask yourself WHY 5 times. Yes 5. Dig deep. Go beyond the surface.

You may find you have a few very compelling reasons. 

The more the merrier!

And, your compelling reason can change. As you change and evolve, so to will your “Why”.

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xo. Valerie