“Steadfast adherence to the same principles” that is the definition of the word “Consistency”.⁠
Steadfast Adherence. That sounds pretty intense!⁠
I like the word consistent much better.⁠
If you want to lose weight, you have to be consistent.⁠
You get this intellectually…⁠
The real problem you need to solve is why aren’t you?⁠
Why aren’t you doing what you know you need to do to lose weight?⁠
Or, why do you do it for a while then stop?⁠
Until you know this answer my friend, permanent weight loss will always be a pipe dream.⁠
You might be wondering HOW do you find this out?⁠
This is the power of coaching. THIS is what I help people with.⁠
Consistency really is the KEY.⁠
Be safe out there.⁠
xo. Valerie⁠

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