Day 7ish….of the No Sugar Challenge!

My timing could not have been worse for this challenge. I have spent the last 7 days in the Twin Cities taking care of my mom after her surgery. I was mistaken to think I would “easily” be able to to both. Turns out, I was wrong.

Here is the recap of the 7 days…
Day 1. What sugar withdrawal feels like
Day 2. Discovering why you want to take a break
Day 3. Urges and how to manage them
Day 4. Urges 2.0…non food urges
Day 5. Our love affair with sugar
Day 6. Changing your tastes
Day 7. “Giving in” and what we make it mean

Did you make it a full 7 days with no sugar?

I didn’t. I ate a chunk of frosting and a cookie on day 4. I was not managing my emotions well, and I tried using sugar to soothe my discomfort of being at my parents house and taking care of my mom. My brain kept suggesting just a little bite would not be a big deal. I had done so well the previous days….just a quick reward…I deserved it.

These were all the lies my brain was telling. My “permission giving thoughts”…I was giving myself permission to eat sugar, because in that momement, I believed that it would make me feel better. Sure. The hit of sugar felt good, but what I noticed was my IMMEDIATE desire for MORE {thanks a lot Dopamine ?).

This gave way to a few cocktails, a little liquid anesthesia to numb the disappointment of eating the sugar, the stress of taking care of my mom, being away from my family, not working on my business.

Can you relate to this?

This is my pattern. I’ll do great for a period of time…then BAM….I’m eating all the sugary and floury things and washing it down with ETOH. I have done this hundreds of times.

The good news is, I now have the tools to process these “failures” and learn from them. I am able to really recognize what my triggers are, and I am aware of what I am doing in those moments when I actively choose to put the food or drink in my mouth. I used to be unconscious about my eating and drinking. I remember telling my coach….”all the sudden I noticed I was eating the entire row of cookies and I just couldn’t stop”. I have come a long way.

I’m not trying for perfection. I will never do it perfectly, I am a human.

I don’t make these “failures” mean that I AM the FAILURE, or I have No Willpower. I make it mean that I am learning.

I just keeping getting back up and moving forward.

One decision after another.

What is your next best decision?

xo. Valerie