No drug calcs here my flying friends!

I want you to think about Dopamine in a whole new way.

I want you to think about how you give yourself Dopamine.


Did you know that you are likely giving yourself Dopamine all day?

And, that is part of the reason why your Flight Suit is tight.

I’m going to break it down very simple.

If you want data that supports this, google that shit.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter.

It drives our desire. It gives us pleasure.

We get it in large hits when we eat things like sugar and flour.

We also get it in large hits when we do things that are “high risk”…{use your imagination here}.

The problem is, our brain has not evolved to handle it in these large amounts…so the receptors down regulate, which means it will take MORE Dopamine to get that pleasure we once had.

Sound familiar?

Our brain remembers how good it felt when we ate that cookie (from the Dopamine).

If a little feels good, than more is better….right???

This is where OVER DESIRE comes from.

We have an un-natural over desire for food.

Our culture supports this.

This is bad news for those of us who have weight to lose.

The SOLUTION is learning to de-condition this over desire for highly concentrated foods (ie. sugar & flour).

This seems easy, but it is very hard.

Your brain will not give up all that Dopamine with out a fight.

I work with my clients to learn and practice this skill….a lot.

It’s like the skills we use at work.

Practice is the mother of all skill.

If you need help learning this skill, I would love to talk to you.

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I know my program works, because I have lost over 50# using the tools and I have several clients who have lost weight too.

Talk soon!

xo. Valerie