EMS Week 2019

I have been reflecting on what EMS week means to me.

My thoughts on EMS Week are likely quite different from yours.  Let me explain.

I want to teach you about the feeling of appreciation.

The feeling of appreciation does not come from what our company does for us during EMS Week or any other time.

Someone cannot make you feel appreciated.  

Nope, they can’t.  No matter what they say, those words cannot make you feel anything.

The feeling of appreciation comes from YOUR thoughts, and only YOUR thoughts.

Your company may throw a pizza party to show their appreciation of the work you do, but this action will not make you feel appreciated.  

You will have a thought about the pizza party, which will either make you feel appreciated or not.  

I can prove this to be true because each employee will have a different thought about the pizza party.  Not all staff will feel appreciated because of the gesture.

We need to stop believing that other people are responsible for our feelings.  

When we believe this, we are giving all of our power away to someone else.  We  believe that we are not appreciated because our company didn’t throw us a big party for EMS week.

The feeling of appreciation is available to you right now if you want it.

You don’t have to wait for your boss to tell you you are doing a great job.  Or the local ED to have free soda and water as a token of thanks.

The feeling of appreciation comes from your thinking.  If you want to feel appreciated, you need to have thoughts that create that feeling.

Thoughts like “The work I do matters”. “I make a difference in peoples lives”. “When people need me, I am there to help them”.

My guess is you don’t routinely have those types of thoughts.  Am I right??

Let me ask you this….do you appreciate you?

Do you appreciate your body?  Are you treating your body with respect and appreciation?

I don’t think eating junk food and drinking alcohol is a good way to show our bodies appreciation.

This I can promise you, if you hate your body, you will never lose weight.  If we could hate our bodies thin, most of us wouldn’t be overweight.

I’ll write more about this topic another day!

Why do we expect everyone else to appreciate us when we don’t even appreciate ourselves?

Practice creating your own appreciation, and by the time EMS Week rolls around next year you will appreciate the work you do whether or not your company does something special for your base!

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Talk soon!

xxoo, Valerie