Do you need a Life Coach?

I just heard the greatest quote….“We used to think cell phones were optional, now, we can’t imagine our lives with out them.  The same goes for Life Coaching.  Everyone needs one, you need to find one that resonates with you”

EMS….we especially need a Life Coach!  

What we see and experience is not normal.  

Our Schedule is not normal.

Our Sleep is not normal.

The Problem is we believe that the cause of our suffering is the job.  

The job is not causing your suffering. 

The job is a Circumstance.  Circumstances are neutral.  Not good.  Not bad.

What causes our suffering is our Thoughts about the job.  

I help people become aware of their thoughts.  Think about their thoughts, and decide if they want to keep those thoughts.

When our job is the villain, we are the victim and we feel helpless.

If you want to feel better about your job, find a Life Coach.

Coaching is an affordable investment in your Well-Beling.  

Why wait to feel better?

xo.  Valerie-Life & Weight Loss Coach for EMS/HEMS