Exercise is great. I love to exercise. 

I used to think that in order to lose weight you had exercise (workout).

I’m all for exercise, but NOT as a tool to lose weight.

If you are expecting weight loss to come from exercise, you are going to have to wait a VERY long time.

Most people will give up their exercise routine because they don’t see immediate results.

Exercise should be something you give yourself because it makes you feel good.

Not something to burn calories, or you dread doing.

This is a paradigm shift for many.

Find something that you love to do, that you will do with out the drudgery and expectation of weight loss in return.

Like to walk? Get out there and enjoy the fresh air.

Biking? Yoga? Gardening? Do what is fun for you.

Your body loves exercise, it feels good and is very good for your brain.

We need to give our brains a rest.

When you make a commitment to moving your body you give yourself emotional strength, the ability to overcome obstacles, pride, accomplishment and plenty of feel good endorphins.

You also tell yourself, and the people around you (kids especially) that you matter. Your health matters.

If you want to start exercising but are not sure what to try, think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do way back when?

For me, I used to love to ride my bike. My dad, my best friend, and I would go for long bike rides all over the city. It was so much fun. I rode my bike everywhere.

It’s no wonder I have three bikes (in our very small garage) and love spinning class.

Biking is not a form of exercise for me. It is something that I love to give to myself. I love the freedom I feel while biking. I love the quiet on mountain bike trails, and the country roads. Yet, I love sweating and jamming to great music while in a spinning class….even enough to get up a 04:15 to go to class before working at 07:00!

Try a ton a new things, be adventurous and be ok if you suck at it for a while. Who cares!

Find something and have fun.

My clients are often very surprised that I do have them on a rigorous workout plan.
We talk about a concept called the Minimum Baseline for movement.

When you are trying to lose weight, you can’t also be in muscle building mode.

You have to pick one. 

Once you have lost your weight, that is a great time to start lifting weights to build your muscle strength, and there are studies that show how beneficial that is as we age.

If you are ready to lose weight and change your beliefs about exercising yourself thin I would love to chat with you. The way I teach weight loss is so different than most do.

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XO. Valerie