Oooh, that feels good….

Brain + Dopamine

Your brain on pleasure:  Oooh baby, that feels so goooood.

Us humans have been experiencing pleasure since the beginning.  Pleasure is vital to our existence.  By seeking pleasure, we are able meet our most basic human needs.

Our Primitive Brain is wired to seek pleasure…avoid pain (physical & emotional)….and stay efficient (Ex. remember where we found that pleasure and repeat).

Natural pleasure are personal connection, touch, sex, eating healthy fuel foods, cleanliness, exercising and accomplishment to name a few.

When we experience these natural pleasures, we get a nice release of Dopamine which feels really good.  Our brain takes note of that good feeling and then encourages us to do that again, and again and again.

This motivation to seek pleasure is what has got us to the evolved humans we are today.

In our current world, we have created artificial, highly concentrated “false” pleasure.  They are the natural pleasures, just concentrated down to give us more Dopamine.  Unfortunately, our brain has not evolved to handle all this Dopamine.  The Dopamine down regulates, and now it takes more and more to get the same pleasure.  Have you ever eaten just one thin mint girl scout cookie? Um, no!  One sleeve maybe.  

A false pleasure is just like a natural pleasure, it is just more concentrated and therefore gets a bigger Dopamine release.  

Examples of false pleasures:

  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Video games
  • Gambling
  • Porn
  • Social Media
  • Netflix 
  • Shopping


False pleasures are not “bad”.  The problem is when we experience these, the constant search for more and more pleasure can have net negative consequence on our lives.

Natural pleasure are things we have to go out and get or do…they take effort.  False pleasures are very easy to get…most of the time it is as simple as picking up your cell phone.  There seems to be sugar and flour in everything, and packaged food is quick, easy, and cheap.  Very little effort to get most false pleasure.

One of the big problems when we live a life full of false pleasure, it will down regulate our Dopamine for both false pleasure and natural pleasure.  

Natural pleasure will pale in comparison to false pleasure.  

This helps explain why it is so hard to start eating healthy.  Healthy foods take much more time to plan, prep, and cook.  They are less “exciting” to the brain.  Your primitive brain gets really confused why you would choose to eat a baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli when you could have pizza and breadsticks!  

I won’t even go (yet) in to how this plays with our emotions.  I just want you first to become aware of these natural pleasures and false pleasures in your life.

What is the net negative effect of false pleasures in your life?

Are you willing to give them up in order to feel confident and comfortable in your flight suit?  

I want you to imagine how you would feel when your zip up your suit and it’s loose.  To have a little extra room to groove in!  How fun would that be?  No more worrying about bending over to lace up your boots or lift a patient off the ground!  Or better yet, order a new suit one size down!  

This is all possible my friend.  All you have to do is make the call for help and I’ll take care of you.  Just click the blue button below to schedule a FREE information call with me.  

Here’s hoping your weekend is clear blue & 22.