Free food

The Food we eat matters.⁠

What we put inside out bodies shows up in how our bodies look on the outside.⁠

I know that a lot of places are giving EMS and Healthcare workers “free food”.⁠

But is it really “free”?⁠

It might not cost you money for that food, but it will cost you something.⁠

Are you willing to keep paying for that overweight body?⁠

Just because something is “free” does not mean you have to eat it either.⁠

You don’t need a fast food restaurant giving you free food to feel appreciated.⁠

The feeling of appreciation comes only from your thoughts….not the free things companies are giving away to EMS and Healthcare workers.⁠

Appreciate yourself.⁠

Appreciate others.⁠

I dare you to tell 5 people today how much you appreciate them. ⁠

Be safe out there!⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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