Get Back on Track

Get back on track

Did you “fall off the wagon” this weekend?

Too much food & booze?

It happens.

But, there is no wagon.

You didn’t fall off anything.

You simply had thoughts. Thoughts that lead to overeating & overdrinking.

I have a worksheet that I use with my clients.

It is called “learn and move on”.

Each time we overeat or overdrink, it’s a great opportunity to learn.

After we learn about why we overate or overdrank we simply move on.

It does not serve us to beat ourselves up over it and hang out in guilt and shame.

Guilt and shame will not drive you to do better today.

If you are trying to lose weight, you HAVE to F-up many times to learn what is really going on.

Learn. Move on. Repeat. Learn. Move on. Repeat.

This is the way to wight loss.

The key part is making the decision to get back on track.

And by track, I’m talking PROTOCOL.

You know what to do.

Just follow your protocol.


Skip all the drama.

Focus on your next decision, not the next 10.

Need help creating a protocol that is perfect for you? This is what I do. I help you create a way of eating that fits your life. Not my life, not some other chicks life…yours.

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xo. Valerie