Hunger & Full Scale

There is a tool I teach all of my clients.

It looks like the pain scale we use at work.

-10 is the most intense hunger.

+10 is super full.

0 is neutral and right in the middle.

Did you know that you should ONLY eat when you are hungry?

I see you roll your eyes at me…..

But really think about this. Do you only eat when you are hungry? Are you sure?

Do you eat breakfast every morning?
because it’s 8:00am, and well, that’s what time breakfast is?

12:00….lunch time. 6:00 dinner time.

Do you eat more according to the clock or your hunger signals?

Or, are you at work and think “Well, I better grab something now, not sure if I will get to eat later!”.

Oh the horrors if we had to miss a meal! I don’t want to go into “starvation mode”.

Come on. I KNOW you have thought that.

I work with my clients to get real in touch with their body’s hunger signals. It is eye opening for all of them.

Now, lets focus on the fullness side.

How do you decide when to stop eating?

Many of us where conditioned to stop eating when our plate was clean.

We eat until we feel physically full. Full belly. Tight pants. Sometimes we almost feel sick we ate so much.

That my friends IS the #1 reason WHY you are over weight.

You are eating more food than your body requires for fuel.

For the next week, try this….

  1. ONLY eat when you are hungry, no matter what time it is!
  2. STOP eating when you are satisfied…not full.

I suggest to my clients eating -2 to +2 in the beginning, then we go to -4/+4.

If you just stop overeating (aka eating to feeling full) you will lose weight. Period.

And, this is NOT about calories-in calories-out. Or ANY calories. I’ll cover that in a different post!

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Don’t be shy. I get it, we are super smart in many areas of our lives and yet we continually struggle with our weight.

I used these tools to help me lose over 50# and I know that I can help you too…despite your work schedule, your hours, or whatever other obstacle you have standing in your weigh…..(see what I did there??) LOL.

xo. VB

PS. I have a limited number of new clients I can take on each month due to my full time flight job!