I Can’t do it.

I can’t do it.

Do you hear yourself say this?

I hear my clients say this.  “I just can’t do it”.

“I just can’t do it right now”  “Now is not a good time” “I just couldn’t do it”.

Don’t get me wrong….I say this too.  There is a big joke at my house (work, and with friends) of me stomping & jumping like a toddler on our boat last summer with me screaming  “I Can’t do it Drew”.

Whenever I hear people tell me they “Can’t do it”, I envision my toddler self stomping and screaming.

That is what is going on in our brain.  Our primitive, toddler like brain.

When we are faced with something that is challenging, our primitive brain acts like a toddler and has a fit.

We immediately tell ourselves we can’t do it.

We just shut it down, and you know what the result is?  We don’t do it.

I see this with people who want to lose weight with out making any changes.

I recommend my clients take a break from sugar and flour for at least 12 weeks.  

They will say “I can’t do it”.  I ask why?  “Because I have never been able to do it in the past.  I can’t give up sugar. It’s too hard”.

Just because something is hard or challenging to do, doesn’t mean don’t do it.

Like giving up sugar or flour.  Yes, it will be hard.  Does that mean you shouldn’t do it?  No.  

If we constantly tell ourselves we CAN’T do things, we will never take action to prove that we can.

Do you see that?

Stop telling yourself you “I can’t do it”.

When you hear yourself start to say “I can’t do it”, say this instead…”What if I could do it?”

What if you could give up sugar and flour?  What result would you get in your life if you did?

I know you can do hard things.

You get in a helicopter and take care of people in their greatest time of need….you do things and see things that most people can’t begin to understand.  

Doing hard things is what makes our life interesting.  It also makes the easy things seem so much easier.

How great would it be if not eating sugar and flour was easy?

If you want to lose weight and are ready to let go of “I can’t do it”, I’m the gal for you.

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Talk soon!

Xoxo.  Valerie