When you can't sleep

I’m not talking about when you’re at work and can’t sleep. ⁠

I’m talking about when you are at home, in your own bed, and you j u s t. C a n ‘ t. S l e e p! 🤬⁠

You toss and turn. You try all the things to get the F*ck to sleep and nothing works. ⁠

Finally morning arrives, and it feels like you’ve been hit by a bus. Eyes puffy from lack of sleep. You are dragging. No amount of coffee can help. All you talk about all day is how you didn’t get any sleep. You’re so tired. You’re exhausted. You need a nap. You eat a bunch of crap food to try and wake up. You can’t do anything because you are so tired. On and on.⁠

This was me for years. I mean decades. I told myself this is why I was in EMS. I can’t sleep most nights, so I might as well be up taking care of sick people! ⁠

I learned a ton about sleep and changed many of my habits. But, every once in a while, I will have a night where despite my good sleep hygiene and pre-sleep routine, I just can’t sleep.⁠

So what do you do after a sleepless night?⁠

You need a mindset upgrade. ⁠

Stop telling everyone how tired you are. No one cares. Sorry, not sorry.⁠

Stop living in the problem, it’s just going to make you more tired! 🤯⁠

Think some thoughts that will create energy instead of depleting it.⁠

Here are some of the ones I use…⁠

I have all the energy I need to get this done.⁠
I create energy with my thoughts.⁠
I can be tired AND make lunch.⁠
I can be tired AND take the dog for a walk.⁠
I can take a nap if I want to.⁠
I can listen to my body and make good choices.⁠

Was I tired all day? Yeppers. Did I do less than I normally do? Sure did. Did I beat the crap out of myself for having a slow day? Nope.⁠

Hope you sleep well tonight my friends!⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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