If I had more TIME….

f I just had more time….

I would _________.

I hear this a lot from my clients (and pretty much everyone around me).

They think that having “more time” will solve their weight loss problem.

If they had “more time” they would be able to plan their weekly meals, go shopping, prep the food, journal, workout, drink more water, get more sleep and so on.

This is a sneaky little lie their primitive brain tells them.

Do your tell yourself this too?

If you are constantly saying (out loud or in your head) “I just don’t have time”, I want you to stop and ask yourself if that thought serves you? 

Are you getting the result you want by thinking that? 

I’m going to guess that is a big NO.

Getting “more time” is not the answer.

Listen, you’re an adult.

You are going to have to do things you don’t want to do.

That is what this is all about. 

Stop using time as your excuse to not get shit done.

Start thinking “I have plenty of time”.

Because that is the truth. You do have plenty of time.

You are just choosing to not use it in a way that serves you.

If you are really struggling with what I’m saying here, I challenge you to keep a time journal for a few days.

It will become obvious on what you are really spending your time on.

If you really want the result of weight loss, you are going to have to manage your time.

Less time on Social Media, more time planning food for the week.

Less time watching TV, more time prepping your food.

Less time being “busy” with things that don’t support your weight loss goals, and more time finding ways to support your weight loss goals.

What do you want to spend your time on???

I would love for you to spend time working with me on getting your weight loss results.

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xo. Valerie