If you want to lose weight, you need to know two things…

  1. What you are eating 🥞🍕🍩🍺
  2. What you are thinking 💬💭🗯

I know, I know. You HATE journaling. Writing is such a struggle. You have no time.

Do it anyways.

Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do.

Welcome to being an adult.🤦‍♀️

Do you want to lose weight?

You’re gonna have to write shit down. Period.

Don’t go into confusion and overwhelm about this.

Grab one of the kids barely used notebooks from last school year and just start writing.📒🖊

Start with the date, then write down everything you ate today and yesterday (if you are young and can remember that!).

Next, write down all those thoughts that are in your head. Spend two minutes doing this.

Suddenly got writers block? Here are some topics you could write on.

My body….
My weight….
When I look in the mirror….
When I see a photo of myself…..
What do I think about myself….

That should keep you busy for a few minutes! ⌛️

Make it a ritual every morning, or every night before bed.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and just start.☕️

The reason why your brain (not you BTW) does not want you to do this is because it can be emotionally painful to look at the truth. 😕

The truth about what you are eating.😳

The truth about what you are really thinking about and saying in your head. 😃🤬😥🤔

But keeping all of that in your head is not serving you.

You are living at the effect of your primitive brain. It just wants you to stay safe, avoid pain, and seek pleasure.

I want you living your life from your Pre-Frontal Cortex. The planner. The writer. 🧠

All of the amazing women I know that have lost their weight and keep it off are STILL journaling.

I know this seems so simple and that journaling could not possibly help you lose weight….but have you ever tried it? I mean really committed to it? Give me 12 weeks and I’ll show you how much it really can change your life.

If I can do it, you can too.

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xo. Valerie 🚁