Day 4 of the no sugar challenge.

I’m calling today Urges 2.0

But, the urges I’m talking about are not about food.

Think about a typical day for you….

Do you ever feel like yelling at your kid (or partner) but don’t?

What about giving someone the finger when driving (the ambulance for example!)?

Or throat punching a co-worker?

How about lecturing ED staff how to prep a patient for transport?

Ok, maybe it’s just ME ?….I feel the urge to do those things most days….but I don’t (most of the time! lol)

Why is that?

Because it is not “socially acceptable”.

We hold back. We refrain. We don’t answer that urge.

But, when it comes to food, it is a different ball game.

Why? Because overeating or indulging in food is socially acceptable!

If you decline a cupcake people generally will ask “Why are you not eating the cupcake?” like it is so odd that someone would turn down a cupcake….there must be something going on with you that you would not eat a freaking cupcake.

I find it really interesting to think about those types of differences.

Overeating and being overweight has become the “norm” in our country.

Should we really consider it normal? I don’t think so. When we think we are “normal” because we overeat just like everyone else, we don’t take responsibility for our part in creating our overweight body.

We need to shift our thinking if we want to manage our urges and overdesire to overeat all food, not just sugar.

That is your work today….to have some deep thinking about what is “normal” and what you want to think is “socially acceptable”. If you can manage your urge to not throat punch people….you can manage your urge to not eat sugar!!

Have a great day!!