No sugar challenge day 6

Did you know that your tastebuds have already changed? You might have noticed things taste a little different or that fruit and nuts actually taste sweet. It’s crazy how the body works.

This is one of the benefits of taking a break from sugar. We reset our tastebuds. We forget how super sweet processed foods really are. I found the most shocking was how sweet so many drinks are. Soda, juices, teas, lemonade…all of it. So freaking sweet.

I often get asked about artificial sweeteners. You will have to make your own decision on them. For me, they are a no…with the exception of when I have an occasional Diet Coke.

There is evidence to suggest that artificial sweeteners do cause insulin to be released. And, when you are really craving sugar, and you have artificial sugar, the brain knows the difference and you will just crave more and be driven to overeat in order to get that glucose to the brain.

My coach assigned me the “Tedious Powerful Worksheet” when I was first taking a break from sugar (and flour). It was a great assignment to do on a few of my favorite foods.

I have loved cupcakes for as long as I can remember. I love to eat them and make them. I’m a pretty good baker if I do say so myself. I loved to bake so much that I would volunteer to make cupcakes for my friends kids birthdays. I would bring them to school for the kids and staff. I would bring them to work. I would make them for neighbors. And, I would make them for the homeless shelter. I loved finding small bakeries and trying their cupcakes. I even had the idea of selling cupcakes at the local farmers market. I even made amazing Vegan cupcakes! Ok, you get what I’m saying here…I loved all things cupcakes.

I sat down with my Tedious Powerful Worksheet and threes mini cupcakes from Sprinkles…the famous cupcake bakery. I had not has sugar in a few weeks, and I was really looking forward to eating these little beauties!

The worksheet is just like it says….TEDIOUS. I spent about 1 hour eating three mini cupcakes.

By the end of that hour, I decided I didn’t actually love cupcakes. I liked the look of them. I liked the first bite….It was everything I expected it would be. But, by the next bites…the taste was not the same. Bite after bite, was actually disappointing. This was a huge A-Ha moment….why do I eat the whole thing? Well, normally, when we eat we are distracted and we eat really fast. We don’t notice the flavor difference of each bite. Our brain keeps thinking the next bite will be better…more like that first bite, but it’s not. Dopamine drives us to keep eating…seeking that pleasure of the first bite, but it never happens.

The reason why this worksheet is so powerful is that it gives us time to actually be present with what we are experiencing when we are eating. We think we love the taste of food. But, have you ever slowed down and actually tasted and described each and every bite? If you do, you will likely be disappointed like I was! I never in a million years would have guessed that I didn’t really love cupcakes.

I want you to try this our for yourself. Plan for 1 hour to complete the worksheet. Pick a treat you really “LOVE”. Do the entire worksheet! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

You can find the worksheet in the group in the tab called “files”. Please message me or drop me a comment with any questions!

xo. Valerie