Diagram of being well in EMS

Now, more than ever we need to focus on our Wellness.

So many of us are on the front lines taking care of the ill and injured.

I’m not here to tell you how to best take care of these patients, I know you know how to do that.

I want to encourage you to take the best care of yourself during this pandemic…so that you are well.

So you can show up to work and take care of patient.

So you can come home and take care of your family.

So you can offer support to your community if needed.

But, it first starts with you.

Sleep. Make sleep a priority and protect it.

Stress. You need to reduce it. Deep breathing. Meditation. Exercise. Sleep. Humor. Music.

Eat nutritious food. Save the processed and packed stuff for the apocalypse. Only eat when you are hungry. Stop eating when you feel satisfied.

Drink more water.

Move your body. Go for a 15 min walk outside.

Manage your thoughts.

Focus on the solutions not the problems.

Be Well out there my friends.

xo. Valerie

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