Weight Loss Obstacle: Planning

Sunday’s are now my day for planning for the week.
I resisted this for a long time. I used our work schedule as an excuse why I couldn’t commit to planning for the upcoming week on Sunday’s.
When the kids were little, they lived like we did…very “spur of the moment”…just go with the flow and allow spontaneity.
Now that we have two kids in High School and one in Middle School planning has become essential if I want to keep my sanity and keep the weight off.
It took a long time for Drew and the kids to get on board with this planning as I make them participate and we have had a lot of trial and error for the planning rhythm.
Here are the things I plan for every week and everything (except the meals) goes in iCal (we use Family Share).
  • Drew and I’s work schedule (usually this is already in, but we double check it!)
  • Kids practice and games/meets
  • Kids car pool (send group texts to confirm/assign)
  • My workout schedule (in studio classes as well as planned walks)
  • Other appointments or errands for the week
Once I have this all written down, THEN I plan what we will eat for BLS (breakfast/lunch/supper).
I have let go of all the “food porn”….Food Network, Cooking Channel, and Pinterest.
Constraint is key.
I took large note cards and made very broad categories, then I wrote down all the meals that I know how to make (and already have the recipe for) and the kids will eat. I ask the kids what they want to eat this week, they look at the note cards for ideas and as they decide, I have my shopping list app (AnyList) and start adding ingredients I need.
I write the menu down on the dry erase menu board and have it on paper in the kitchen with the needed recipes behind it. This way the kids won’t ask me 1.5 million times what we are eating for the day.
Next, it’s off to the store. My goal for this fall is to do all my ordering on-line and then go pick it up! It takes me 1 hour start to finish to shop for all the food. I keep a very well stocked pantry, so I’m rarely getting those types of items.
Once I get home, I pop in my ear buds and either listen to a podcast, audiobook, or watch a show on Netflix and get to work.

Wash, prep and the fruits and veg for the week. Here is a pro tip….store your fruit and veg in glass mason jars. They will last much longer. Pro tip number two...don’t wash berries before you store them. Wash just before you eat them. I do some cooking ahead of time, depending on that weeks plan.

This planning and prepping time spent seems like a lot in one day, but it will save so much time during the week and it is just one less thing to think about.

If I do have to work a Sunday day shift, I make all the plans during down time if possible…if not, I make it my priority for Monday. I keep all the stuff I need for planning in a “special” folder…left over Star Wars folder for when one of the boys was in elementary school!

If you want to up your planning game, my advise is to meet yourself where you are at….don’t try to do what I do on the first try…like I said before, it has taken me a long time to learn this skill and get efficient at it!
I hear this from my clients: “I’m just not a planner”, “I don’t really like to plan”, “I’m not good at planning”.
Thinking these thoughts is what has prevented them from actually becoming a person who plans.
It, like any other new skill is going to take practice and some patients. That is why I suggest you start small. Pick one thing that you know you can consistently do, to really make it a habit, then you can build on to what you are planning.

I have added some photos some of my past plans.

I’m curious what your obstacles in planning are or what areas you think you need more help with!

Send me a message and let me know!
Have a great (planned) week!

xoxo. Valerie

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