Push Goal; Sleep

¬†Sleep….seems elusive in our industry.

The body is designed to burn fat while we sleep.

This is an issue for our industry. I get it.

We don’t go to bed at the same time most nights. We work rotating shifts. We are up all night at work. We eat at different times of the day and night depending on our work schedules.

Yes, this is an issue. But, you are smart. You need to put your brain to work on how you can solve this “problem” for yourself.

Are you willing to make real changes in your life to get better sleep?

Your answer should be “Hell Right”.

Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health. Not just your weight.

I know you know this.

Why are you willing to sacrifice your sleep?

This amazing job we have does NOT have to cost us our health.

Spend 30 min today thinking and creating a plan on how you can get more sleep.

comment below with questions and I’ll be happy to help you get started creating your own Pre-Sleep Protocol!

xoxo. Valerie Bestland