They are created by the actions we take.

This is your life.

Your result will prove or give evidence of your thought.

Positive thoughts end up in positive results.

Negative thoughts lead to negative results.

Many people believe their results are because of their circumstances, and not in their control.

Again, this is not true. 

You create your results.

You are responsible for your results because they come from your actions, your actions come from your feelings, and your feelings come from your thoughts.

This is great news!


Because thoughts are in your control.

As your coach, it is my job to show you this.

If you want real change in your life, you need to first see how you are the one creating the results in your life.

Instead of being judgmental about your results, get curious.

Then, you can empower yourself to create the results you really want in your life.

Current results; weigh 180#

What action(s) are you taking that are leading to this result? Overeating?

What feeling is driving that action? Desire? 

What thought are you having that is creating desire? I want that?

The circumstance could be ice cream.

Can you see this?

If this is making your brain hurt, I get it!

If you are ready to change the results in your life, I am here for you.

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XO, Valerie