Self talk

What do you think of yourself?

Are you a mean girl?

Is most of your inner dialogue negative?

Just like you, I used to say the meanest, harshest things to myself.

I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have the results I wanted in my life.

So I would be harder on myself. 

I believed that I could verbally beat myself thin.

The truth is this….negative thoughts produce negative feelings, which drive negative actions, ending in negative results.

Negativity begets more negativity.

I had tried everything to lose weight, to feel better, and to have a better life.

I wanted everything to be easy.

I wanted everything to change around me.

Turns out, I was very confused.

My weight loss journey started with deciding that I will never say another mean thing to myself again.

What did I have to lose with dropping the negative self talk?

Ummmm. Weight. I lost weight. 

I know this sounds crazy, but, have you ever tried it?

If you want positive results/changes in your life…you will ONLY get them by positive thoughts/feelings/actions.

Draw a line in the sand (ok, snow) right now. 

Never, ever…..say another shitty thing to yourself again.

Promise me.

It is so worth it.

Here’s a tip….when you hear that voice coming, interrupt her, put your foot down and say “Nope. We don’t talk like that anymore” and repeat as often as needed.

Bye Felicia!

xo. Valerie

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