AC shadow

Shadow of stress. That is what I see in this photo.⁠

The stress follows us, everywhere we go.⁠

It is always there.⁠

The stress of flight physiology on our bodies.⁠

Day after day.⁠

You might not realize how this is impacting your weight.⁠

But it is. ⁠

We learn about what flight physiology does to our patients, and we talk about how it can affect the pilots…but, do we stop and think about how this affects the patient care provider?⁠

No, because we are so focused on taking care of the patient that we completely ignore ourselves.⁠

Over time, this not paying attention to our own stressors of flight will negatively effect us.⁠

To build resiliency to the stressors of flight, we need to be proactive, no reactive.⁠

Hydrate. Set a timer if you have to. Especially since most of us a masking all day at work…you gotta get that water in your body.⁠

Sleep. Make this a priority and protect your sleep. ⁠

Get physical. Move your body. Workout. Run. Walk. Bike. Get that heart pumping. I hear people giving radio reports with masks on and they are totally short of breath…We need to build our endurance. ⁠

Eat nutritious, whole foods. Fat, Protein, Veg, Fruit, Whole Grains. Eat foods that make you FEEL amazing, not bogged down, heavy, and needing a nap after you eat.⁠

Practice deep breathing. Having the ability to suppress the sympathetic nervous system is key to reducing stress. Just 5 slow, deep breaths will lower your heart rate, and reduce cortisol levels. Do this…a lot. On your way to a call. During the call, while taking care of the patient, after the call, when you are checking your 390th email of the day….Get really good at it, so when you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, you know relief is just 5 deeps breaths away!⁠

You can do this. WE can do this.⁠

Much love and appreciation to you all.⁠

xo. Valerie⁠

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