How often are you snacking?

Do you graze all day long?

Do you carry snacks with you everywhere you go?

You don’t need snacks.

Despite what advertisers and marketers tell you.

Your kids likely don’t need them either.

Now your pissed.  I can tell.  You think I’m crazy.

Ok, maybe I should clarify a few things…if you are an insulin dependent diabetic this does not apply to you.  I’m talking to people who want to lose weight.  Healthy people who want to lose weight.  Whew, got that out of the way.

If you are overweight and you want to lose weight, one of my first suggestions is you stop snacking.

You really don’t need them and snacking is a big contributor to your weight gain.

I know what you are thinking…”I’m eating almonds, popcorn, and health snacks”.  It doesn’t matter.

Snacks are fertilizer for a fat ass.

Here’s why.

Every time you eat, your insulin goes up.  When your insulin is elevated, you are in a FAT STORAGE mode.  You cannot lose weight.

Listen, you are a smart flight paramedic or flight nurse.

This should really make sense to you.  Each time you put food in your mouth, I want you to tell yourself you are now releasing insulin and in FAT STORAGE mode.

Oh, you want to be in FAT BURNING mode???

That’s simple.

Keep your insulin low. 

Step one of three is to stop snacking.

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Have a great weekend and NO SNACKING.

xxoo, Valerie

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