S/P T-day

Did you say F-it yesterday and eat all the things?  Snacked?  Boozed it up? Overstuffed yourself? Ate a mouthful of whip cream?  

I may or may not have done some of those things!  

You might be wondering what you do the day after an epic day of overeating and overdrinking.

If you are, then you are in the right place.

Let me start out by telling you what NOT to do.

  • Criticize yourself 
  • Ruminate over it
  • Tell yourself you will never do that again
  • Start over December 1 or worse, Jan 1
  • Quit on yourself
  • Give up on yourself
  • Believe you are a failure
  • Do a 48hr fast
  • Juice Detox
  • Drink meal replacement shakes
  • Eat bars for every meal
  • Hate yourself for giving in 

Have you tried any of those things in the past?  I know I sure have.  Did it work? Not so much.

We cannot hate ourselves thin.  YOU CANNOT HATE YOUR SELF THIN.  Did you hear me?  I want you to really know that.  Tell it to yourself over and over again.  “I cannot hate myself thin”.

Here’s what you CAN do the day after overeating/overdrinking…this applies to bingeing  as well.

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Get curious…..ask yourself why you overate (in a nice voice, like the way you’d talk to a peds patient).  What feelings/emotions were you trying to avoid or enhance?
  • Stop striving for perfection….it’s not a reality 
  • Let it go. Don’t think about it again
  • Keep looking and moving forward 
  • Never give up. Even when you F it up
  • Make the best, next decision
  • Do a Thought DownLoad (aka journal)
  • Write down your goal and why you want it
  • Write down everything that is in your way of reaching your goal 
  • Come up with strategies to overcome what is in your way 
  • Follow the Weight Loss Basics 
  • Work with an Expert Life and Weight Loss Coach (that’s me!)

Stop trying to punish yourself with BS weight loss tactics (like juice fasts, bars and shakes). And, stop wasting your precious time and money on the diet industry.  Trust me, they don’t want you to be successful.  They want you to depend on them and their products.  

I want to teach you how to lose weight like you will live it the rest of your life.  Not for the next 30 days.  

If you are tired of being overweight, and all the BS it’s time for us to talk.  Give yourself the gift of a thinner body for 2020.  Click below to set up a phone call with me.  It’s free and only 30 min of your time.  

Be Safe out there.


PS.  Did you see my FB Live from last week?  You can catch the Replay Here.  This is an edited version.  😜