Stop Arguing for what is getting in your way.

I know that I used to do this all the time. It was hard to let go of the idea that I was the victim of my Circumstance.

For every victim, there must be a VILLAIN.

My Villain was my job.

“I can’t eat healthy because I never know when I’m going to get to eat”.

“I have to be up all hours of the night, so I need to be eating all hours of the night”.

“I can’t commit to that work out plan because my schedule is rotating”.

“I can’t sleep because I have to clean this house…make dinner, drive the kids, etc”.

These are some of the thoughts running around in my brain that I believed….but were TOTAL LIES.

I would argue with people about my excuses.

“They just don’t understand MY job”. “They don’t get it”.

I had never questioned my own thoughts or excuses before.

It was just easier to blame my job for my weight struggle than to take personal responsibility for it.

Stop arguing for your excuses. Really question them.

Is is really true that “I can’t eat healthy because I never know when I”m going to get to eat?” Ah, no. That is not true. What is true? I can pack healthy food and eat it when I’m hungry. Might I have to wait for a while if I’m on a call? Yes, but I won’t die.

Tell me in the comments what your biggest excuses are for why you are not losing weight!

Happy Friday!