These boots….

These boots…⁠

Duty boots are our foundation. ⁠

They carry us and support us on every call.⁠

Boots are strong and rugged on the outside. ⁠

They protect us.⁠

But, our boots can get worn down. ⁠

If we are in our boots more than we are out of our boots it will take a tool on them.⁠

We can extend the life of our boots by taking really good care of them.⁠

Would you take better care of your boots if you knew you only got one pair for your entire career?⁠

What would you do different from what you are doing now?⁠

No matter the circumstances you put those boots through, how they look is entirely up to you.⁠

Your boots are YOU.⁠

Do you see it??⁠

Taking impeccable care of ourselves is in our own hands.⁠

Self Care is not Selfish….it’s necessary.⁠

Go polish those boots on your next shift!!⁠



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