Thought Errors

“I don’t want to think about what I’m eating all the time”

“It’s free” “I’m too tired” “Fu*k it” “I’m too busy right now”.

Do you hear yourself say any of this when you are trying to lose weight?

These are Thought Errors.

Thought Errors will prevent you from getting to your goal weight.

Your brain is just recycling the same (not helpful) thoughts over and over. It is efficient for your brain, and it LOVE efficiency.

If you want to lose weight, you are going to have to change up some of those thoughts on purpose.

Instead of thinking “just one bite won’t matter”…turn that thought around to “one bite DOES matter”.

“I DO have to think about what I’m eating if I want to lose weight”.

“That cookie may not cost me money, but it will cost me my goal weight”.

“I can still make good choices even when I’m tired”

Simple. Subtle shifts.

This is so important because our THOUGHTS causes our Feelings. Our FEELINGS drive our Actions. Our ACTIONS give us the Results in our life.

Go back and read those first thoughts…how do those thoughts make you feel?

Entitled? Frustrated? Justified?

Do you think those feeling will get you to not overeat? To not plan your food ahead of time? Or not eat just because it’s free?

We want to think thoughts that will make us feel in control, deliberate, determined, or encouraged.

If we change our thinking, we won’t need to relay on willpower. Willpower will not get you the results you want in your life.

So, when you show up in the ED after dropping of a patient and there are “Free” cookies in the break room which thought will you CHOOSE to think?

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