Welcome to HEMS….you will never sleep right again….

Ok, that’s a bit dramatic.

The truth of the matter is, if you do rotating shift work, your sleep will suffer.

I’m going to give you some tough love. 

STOP saying {and thinking in your head} “I’m so tired”

“I’m exhausted” “I didn’t get enough sleep”


What is the upside to constantly telling yourself {and anyone who will listen} that you are soooooo “tired”?

Most people assume we {Flight Crews} don’t get enough sleep.

Stop talking about it.

Ok, we got it…you’re sooooo tired….now what??

Are you going to let is stop you from making your 24 hour plan, prepping your meals, going for a walk, or whatever?

Or is your primitive brain giving your permission to be lazy, to do nothing all afternoon, make poor food choices, stay up watching Netflix?

I teach my clients to LISTEN to their bodies.

Eat when Hungry. Stop eating when satisfied.

When you are tired, you need to rest. 

Give your body what it needs, not what will make it feel good in the moment {Sugar, Flour, Facebook, Shopping, Netflix}.

You might be thinking this is obvious, but I want you to think back to the last time you said you were “tired” and what you really did about it.

The next time you find yourself telling the world how tired you are, make sure you are heading to the solution and not the pantry.

Try some of these thoughts on:

I can be tired and still make good food choices.

I can be tired and still follow my eating protocol.

I can be tired and do what needs to get done.

The solution to being tired is rest (or sleep).

If you are using your job as an excuse why you can’t lose weight and are looking for a permanent weight loss solution, let’s get on the phone and make a plan that you can implement while on duty and off.

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Let me help you lose weight and feel Confident & Comfortable in your flight suit….starting next week.

Talk soon.

xo. Valerie