val hair wind
Turbulence. 🌬️
It has been so windy around these parts lately. ⁠
As I was walking out to the AC on my last shift and my hair and ID badge where whipping around all chaotic, it made me think of how my thoughts sometimes feel in my head.⁠
Turbulent thinking…ya know when you have so many thoughts that just seems to be all over the place?⁠
Maybe it’s just me.⁠
I doubt it though.⁠
It’s estimated that we have 40,000-60,000 thoughts per day tumbling around in that head of ours. ⁠
If you are tired of feeling the effect of those turbulent thoughts, the best thing you can do is get them down on a piece of paper and take a look at them. 💭
We feel our thoughts.⁠
How do most of your thoughts make you feel? 🤔
Tell me in the comments below.⁠
Be safe up there. 🚁

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