Urges are just suggestions

Urges are not emergencies.

We deal with real emergencies at work.

Someone not breathing is a real emergency.

Having an urge to eat that free food is not.

It may feel like it in your body.

Your brain will tell you you should for sure just eat it.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to become an expert at feeling an urge (to eat or drink something) and NOT answering it.

Just for fun….try this….

Can you feel that ITCH on your face? Your head?

DO NOT scratch it.

Just sit there. See what it feels like. How long does it last?

What happens when you don’t scratch it?

Nothing. That is what happens. Nothing.

Same with food and drink.

Nothing bad will happen if you have an urge to eat or drink something.

It’s just a suggestion.

Thank you, but no.

That is when the magic happens.

Each time you allow that urge and don’t answer it you are creating a new neural pathway.

And, each of those unanswered urges add up to your weight loss.

Now that is some math I can do it my head! LOL.

Start adding up all those unanswered urges today and get on your way to weight loss.

xo. Valerie

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