What habits are you creating?

Are you in the process of creating a habit that is good for you ? Or, one that is not-so-good for you?

You are always creating something….

Do you want to be someone who creates a habit that will up level your life?

Or, do you even know that you are the one who decides that? You might think that your life happens to you.

Yes…you read right. You. You get to decide what you want to create in your life.

A habit is something you are very committed to.

You can create any habit you want AND you can LET GO of any habit that is not serving you!

I am in the process of changing a habit. It no longer serves me. I am choosing to let it go.

During the process, I feel disappointed, frustrated, restless and deprived. Basically, it sucks.

But, I know that what is on the other side of this habit will be amazing and I will have become a better version of myself in that process.

The more willing you are to feel uncomfortable, the more amazing your life will be.

If you want help in changing the habit of overeating (or any other habit), I am here to help! I have changed this habit for myself and lost over 50# because of it.

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Talk soon!

xo. VB