What’s your ETA?

helicopter in the sunset
I was out for a sunset walk last week and I saw a helicopter.⁠
Lot’s of people likely saw it. It was a beautiful night.⁠
What I realized was we all have different thoughts about what was going on in there.⁠
It’s the difference between “Thinking” and “Knowing”.⁠
Other people “think” they know what goes on in there.⁠
I “know” what happens in the heli because I work in one.⁠
Reminds me of weight loss.⁠
I used to “think” weight loss came from eating less and moving more. Calorie restriction. Counting points. Binging and purging. Low fat high carb or low carb high fat.⁠
Boy was I wrong. All that thinking got me deeper in debt and a bigger flight suit.⁠
I now “know” where weight loss comes from.⁠
I’ll give you a hint…it doesn’t come from anything outside of you. ⁠
Sure, I teach several tools for weight loss, but we always land at the same destination! ⁠
The helipad is secured and I’m awaiting your arrival.⁠
What’s your ETA???⁠

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