You may not know this about me…I love yoga.

I have always loved yoga. I am naturally very flexible.

But, I stopped going when I gained a significant amount of weight after

having my three kids and two knee surgeries.

2.5 years ago, when I started my weight loss journey, I committed to diving deep into yoga.

Yoga and coaching have changed my life.

Yoga has given me the courage to move forward with my Life Coaching business.

Yoga was the one place where I felt I was truly accepted for who I really am.

There is no hiding your body there…hello tight pants and shirts!

There is no hiding your strength or weakness.

There is no hiding your face behind makeup.

There is no hiding from your own thoughts.

There is no hiding.

There is no judgement from the teachers or students.

The only judgement you have is that of your own.

There is only love and acceptance in that studio space.

There is community like I have never seen.

Yoga taught me that if I can find these things in the studio, then they are also available to me outside of the studio.

People will like me for who I really am.

I just have to show up and show them.

This experience (yoga or not) is also available to YOU.

Coaching is a game changer for your life.

It would be my honor to be your coach.

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“The Best Is Yet To Come”

xoxo Valerie